Saturday, December 27, 2014

Lyme Journey - December 27, 2014

Although I have been on this journey for 32 years, this is my first 'official' post to journal this journey.

I read recently that keeping the lymphatic system flowing is very important. So I googled "Lymphatic Drainage Massage" and started praying about finding someone who could really do some healing work. 

I walked into a business, and started talking with a woman who just was wonderful - had a facial treatment yesterday and was referred to a massage therapist who was able to set an appointment for the next day - 

As I laid down on the table today, and the therapist began to work on my body... and I started to pray. "LORD, I am here and ready to see the healing, to sense Your presence and use this time to witness for You..." A few minutes into the massage, I heard prayer... not mine, but my therapist. Often when I go for treatment, I am unsure of what to expect. Although, I have been expecting to see God in all of this. Through the time, we were able to connect through the Holy Spirit, and I sensed movement of the lymphatic system... this was the least painful session I have ever had. Yet, tonight I feel like something has improved. Thank You LORD. Let the healing continue!!

I also read a great article, that prompted me to do a little, to reap a lot with exercise. It has been 6 weeks since I have done any exercise - so with one step at a time, I will just get that much closer to seeing complete healing. 

Shawn Delia Boreta

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