Friday, January 16, 2015

Lyme Journey - January 16, 2015

Just a little update (sorry for redundancy)...

I am eternally grateful for a doctor who believes me...

Round 1 (round "who's counting" of this entire process) of "new" doctor appointments done, and it went well. Nearly two hours going over history. Lots of tests - 14 tubes of blood drawn.

Results so far: Most of the blood work looks good (but that is the typical challenge... more in-depth panels need to be done); positive for hypo-thyroid (was positive for hyper 4 years ago), two positive viral and one positive bacterial findings so far - tests do not differentiate whether past/present infections, and post menopausal which I knew, but other docs said "not possible" wink emoticon!

My follow-up (2nd) appointment is next Thursday (1/22); we will go through what we have, and determine what is next (more tests probably, or find the Lyme Literate doc). I am currently not on any protocol or medications, and currently maintain my full-time work schedule.

I have completely implemented and have been faithfully following a very strict diet (no sugar, or anything that converts to sugar, incl. fruit, simple/complex carbs, plus no stevia, honey or agave either). I sleep at least 9 hours each night during the week, and 10-12 hours on weekend nights.

I had three really good days this week (after having the worst month in this 6 month cycle) - so very grateful. Thankfully, the sharp shooting pains have subsided somewhat and I am kinda settling in to a new normal - at least until the next round.
- Daily, I experience muscle pain, soreness and weakness; lower body aching, exhaustion (the kind that feels like you have a blanket over your head and you can't even lift that weight); stomach issues, eye irritation and vision changes, low blood pressure and freezing hands and core. Stiffness in the neck, lower back, hands and feet with arthritis-type pain. I often drop things or wince when picking things up. Sometimes it's very noisy...
- Almost daily, often I have pressure or migraine headaches, burning skin and burning like embers through my veins, facial numbness and tingling in both arms and legs. And bumping into things can be excruciating.

Facebook is a great way to connect with me, the phone is still pretty taxing for me, as I get so exhausted. I appreciate your prayers and love... Please pray for the following: finding the right Lyme doc who will take insurance, or that the insurance will pre-authorize treatment, for my stamina and attitude.

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