Friday, January 2, 2015

Lyme Journey - January 2, 2105

We are at countdown for my New doctor appointment... I am more than a little bit anxious... fearful... excited.... fearful, did I say fearful? Please pray specifically for a calm and clear few days as the day comes up. I am still very nervous about insurance and payment, but I am really trying to submit and let God.... Pain levels are between 6 & 8 most days, and lately I have had many more 9 days, one day felt I was pushing 12 (1-10 scale). Exhaustion is a 10, only because I work 8 hours every day and drive for 1.5-2 hours... I'm really, really tired. I am reading about so many people with Lyme who never recover - and I don't want to be that person... but if God continues to call me here, I really need HIS EVERYTHING.

As I was reading some old articles I came across this... thank You LORD.

"All through my days, I remember these little things.
Settle in.
Eyes up.
Heart open.
Arms ready.

Yes God, I hear You. Holy Spirit I ask for strength, more strength and yet, more strength to abide and follow Your "Yes"."

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