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Thankful Life - February 4, 2015

I sit here today, contemplating so many things in this life – my family, friends and those I have yet to meet – I realize how very fortunate I am, and how ungrateful I can be. My life has contained a plethora of unnoticed blessings, either from an unwillingness to look outside of myself, or stubbornness to be unwilling in general. I am not sharing this to be a “downer”, but to publicly note that I recognize that changes in me still need to occur. I am truly a work in progress, admittedly… “a work in progress”, but it’s when I recognize God’s part is to pursue me, it’s my job to PURSUE HIM EVEN MORE DILIGENLTY.

Today I give all my cares, concerns and THE DAY to You LORD. Yes, I am nervous, anxious and excited. Today I see a Lyme Doc... not just someone who has prescribed a 3 week regimen of antibiotics to someone a few times, but someone who actually treats the disease. Yes, I have had some success with the thyroid medication, it seemed to change my energy levels for a couple weeks between the first day I started, until now (about 5 weeks). Am I ready? Yes!

God has this, but moreover, He has me - secure, safe and eternally. This world cannot deliver anything that I cannot handle. Because I am His, this is just temporary - and is a training ground to seek Him more... yes, YET MORE.

I cannot tell you how hard this past year has been emotionally, spiritually and above all, physically. It has not been the worst year of physical pain or challenges, but it has given new meaning to "challenge" for me.  I won't tell you it has been easy to trust God, because I am still struggling with that one. My head knows most of the time, my heart knows a lot of the time, and deep within me knows all the time - but it's getting the inside out that is a challenge, and there's the challenge. Life keeps moving, as life does... obstacles are meant to be in the way, and they do just that. YET, through it all I never felt abandoned or alone for more than a moment. Deciding how long "a moment" is comes with discipline to seek God in all of them.

Today, I am grateful and expectant.

Every day being filled with HOPE by He who set me free...
(Romans 15:13)

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Treatment Update in 7 easy steps...
1. Test for Western Blot and co-infections through IGeneX Labs in Palo Alto*
 2. Check for IgG subclasses, total IgG/IgA/IgM through Palo Alto Medical Foundation
 3. Check for Candida IgG/IgM/IgA through Palo Alto Medical Foundation
 4. & 5. Begin Antimicrobials (herbal) - two formulas
 6. Switch to compound B12, more powerful (methylB12), increase from 10mg to 25mg 3 times/week
 7. If the initial tests are negative, will do 3 week antibiotic challenge (shots that will bypass the bloodstream an go right to the cells, tissue and organs)
Long answer... it's complicated to say the least. There are three levels of Lyme testing. The Western Blot tests I had done in the past are for "early stage" Lyme (first 90 days). Guess the doctors missed the part when I said I was bitten over 30 years ago.
Level One is the testing we did yesterday.
Level Two is to come after stirring up my system and trying to breakdown the biofilm which protects the spirochetes (like a shield) with the Antimicrobials. Blood cannot penetrate, so tests often come back negative. If the tests done yesterday come back negative, I will do an aggressive antibiotic treatment (#7) so that we try to create a bacteria storm in my system.
Level Three will be an even more aggressive version of Level Two.
I need to continue what I am currently doing, but can eat a semi-normal diet.
* IGeneX panels
 #188 Lyme WB IgM
 #189 Lyme WB IgG
 #200 B. microti IgG & IgM Ab
 #720 B. duncani IgG & IgM Ab
 #285 B. henselae IgG & IgM Ab
 #203 HME IgG & IgM Ab
 #203 A. phagocytophilum IgG & IgM Ab

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