Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thankful Life - May 7, 2015

I stayed home today to rest... did I? Rest? NO! My head would not stop - the pounding, the ringing - constant and unceasing ringing, the lack of concentration... yes! But more than that the thoughts, the fears, the scenarios, the anticipation of not knowing what any of this means... that I am no farther along than I was before. So, I called my doctor to let them know what was going on.

And, the words, "Be still...." "Do not be anxious!!!" " Trust Me"... I hear and sense, yet the flesh screams... HOW? I believe I know the why... but in this flesh, I plead, "how?"

As this process progresses, and my thoughts digress so much, I find it very difficult to know what I am supposed to do. Today, I am tired and so weary.

But as I said before, I have the support of my family and friends... and God is with me - so I am not alone in this - despite the fact that I sometimes loose sight of that.

Father, thank You for showing Yourself in the hearts and "fight" of others.


Shawn Delia Boreta

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