Saturday, June 13, 2015

Thankful Life - June 13, 2015

So grateful today... I may not always be able to communicate effectively while speaking audibly, and that can be frustrating, but God has given me the desire to write, and share visually through art and writing.

Today, as I sit at a local coffee shop with my beautiful and amazing daughter, Myranda. I am soaking in the moments of just being "mom"... "friend"... she is patient with my formulation of words and thoughts.

It's been a seemingly "stale and stagnant" few weeks of treatment... I kept hearing, "settle in, be still and KNOW I am here with you..." from my times with the LORD. He has encouraged me to seek Him, focus on the Word and all that I need to be grateful for. And, sometimes it really is work to see, but so worth the searching of heart, mind and soul.

He is faithful.

"Search my soul..." (Ps139) is His desire for all of us... gratitude is a gift received... and given to others. For when we live in thankfulness, we shine the glory of our Father and Savior... and is proof of the Spirit living in us.

Touching the Hem of His garment, going into the moving waters, rising from our mats... is the ultimate desire of all of us. Many of us have also had "religious abuse" in our lives (Pharisees and over zealot people) directing us to prayer meetings, laying of hands... ALL THIS CAN HAPPEN of course, God is our POWERFUL Creator and can do all things. Even, and especially healing from ALL that this world delivers - physically and spiritually.

Change has to happen in all aspects of our spiritual life though the effort of the Holy Spirit, as we choose, submit and adhere.

Help us LORD to gather to worship and pray with like-minded, like-needs brothers and sisters to bring us closer to Christ's desire for our lives to be more like Him. As for me, I know that discouragement, doubt, fear and not being in His Word are the most harmful for us, and we have to start encouraging one another to stand firm in Him... and allow the Holy Spirit to work through our weariness and unbelief.

"Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; For His lovingkindness is everlasting." ~Psalm 118:1 (NASB)

I desire to connect with believers, so we can also grow in faith so that we can realize His healing in all ways - heart, mind, body.

I am thankful for His leading during this past week. We are here to bless one another, as He so sweetly requests and desires.

Five reasons I am grateful at this very moment....
5. A beautiful day today, and the opportunity to choose to make every day in my life beautifully lived out. Knowing that every moments counts.
4. Amazing people in my life who support, love and encourage my heart.
3. Having the understanding that everything is possible through Christ, who strengthens me. Even, and especially during this time in my life.
2. Family, near and far... (alive or not), who have helped my life's story be filled with the moments to heal from and heal for.
1. Choices daily... and the one choice to be a child of God.
  What are yours?

©2015 Giving Thanks Daily, Shawn Boreta


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