Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Thankful Life - June 30, 2015

He calls us to Love Him first... and we can only do that with the work of the Holy Spirit in us. We have to be weary of those who say they have the power to heal, because only the LORD can heal, and heal He does. He has shown me that I have many areas that require healing, and I am not on my own with this one. It is because of this illness that I am closest to the LORD... that I know Jesus like I do... yet realize I need to be closer and know Him more. This illness has shown me my daily, moment to moment need for a Savior. He draws us in the midst of our struggles. Learning to be grateful is my every day challenge for sure. Our nature is to live in the flesh. Our physical life here is neither our reward, nor or punishment. My prayer every day is to see Him more. My personal journey has brought me to pray for others, and count on a mighty God to show me where I can see Him... EVEN IN ALL OF THIS.

Heart check... the LORD knows your needs, desires and complications. He sees your every struggle, knows your pain and tribulations - He cares what happens to you and knows your doubts and fears... keep crying out, keep lifting others in prayers, trusting others are doing the same for you - and thank Him for the miracles seen and unseen.

Father, in this we see strife, trial and heartache... help us to see glimpses of what we do not know that You are working out for us. Help us to know Your peace in the midst of every single storm. Help us to be mindful of our purposes, even and especially in the muck and mire. Confirm our hearts mighty and faithful God through the visible work of the Spirit in our lives. Through Christ Jesus we pray, plead, cry out and trust...

"They cried, and Jehovah heard, And from all their distresses delivered them." -Psalm 34:17 (Youngs Literal Translation)

When your body doesn't detox... it seems "all is for nothing"... but God shows me that my battle is minor, compared to the victory I already possess through the work of the cross and resurrection.

So, everything, even this is for something... grateful as I wait to see God's plan work out.

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Shawn Delia Boreta

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