Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Life is a Prayer - July 9, 2015

Father, as I come to You this morning and I am amazed! Thank You for bringing me through a wakeful God was preparing me all day for a night of no sleep!

The LORD is really working on me with this. I want to lament about my own challenges, more than pray for others... so it's a decision to pray first... He is good, and I have been so blessed by His ministering to me during these struggles. For struggles I am fortunate to have a BIG GOD who sees me through every circumstances.

As I lamented last night... GOD SHOWED UP, yet God never left me.

"Pain everywhere, like broken glass under the skin. Much stirred up after the lymphatic drainage massage yesterday! Quick onset of a bladder infection that 90% of the time becomes a kidney infection when they are like this. Quick 180 in IBS symptoms - abdominal pain, chest pains, tingling, twitching, achy joints, mouth sores, fever/sweats and TMJ throbbing... And no relief from the ringing ears. And I have to be a at work tomorrow.

Your strength is expected Lord Jesus as I prepare my heart, mind and attitude for tomorrow! Help me to be still.. Focus on Your goodness as you take this yoke and remove "the weary"... I AM YOURS - gratefully Yours. Be with my brothers and sisters in the same force and power - let it be a night of miracles and hope through the Holy Spirit"s work as we rest... Our gatekeeper toward removing the world and reveling in the truth that WE ARE YOUR BELOVED AND LOVED! Thank You Jesus for being here in this way, in this time. Amen.and restless sleep with Your peace and comfort. You are my every bit of strength as I head out today." ~Last night's prayer

Dear Hearts - God has not abandoned you, and He knows every tear... every pain.... every doubt. He's got you. HE LOVES YOU!

My life is a prayer, and I cannot imagine anything else!
Shawn Boreta

Shawn Delia Boreta

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