Friday, July 24, 2015

Thankful Life & Challenge - July 24, 2015

First off, I am not sharing for accolades... but to share my heart and what the LORD has given me to share with others.

I am grateful God has placed me here at this time. And has given me a heart to serve... pray... and encourage others. It is truly my all natural antidepressant. I remember someone saying that you cannot be sad when you are helping someone else... and they were so right!

As we head into the weekend, my thoughts are on the work of our Lord Jesus Christ, our Father and the Holy Spirit in us, in the lives of every single one of us (yes, even you). We can have turmoil, challenges, disasters and complete road blocks physically, mentally, emotionally and, more than not, spiritually. Our Father in heaven desires us to seek Him through it all. What I have been learning is that we cannot just praise Him when things go well... we are well.... all is well.... Learning to praise our Creator in the midst of everything will teach us that there is so much more than what we see and experience here on earth, in this life.

The LORD gave me the most amazing gift many years back, that came in a challenge, and believe me, the I fought God fiercely on what He asked me to do. I literally shouted to Him, "I did not want anything to do with the challenge set before me".  But our God is the great persuader. And, I pray that you are encouraged, challenged and prompted by my words.

My life changed... it was like being thrown an island that I could step onto when I was drowning. I was trying to survive with a  life-jacket, my choosing... over time, the life-jacket filled with water, became worn through and full of holes... I was confessing to be a believer... but didn't believe what the Word told me (and didn't read the Word intentionally, but did so by word search). So, in tidbits... chunks.... pieces..... and slowly, the LORD engaged me in the Word - with very specific instructions. Give thanks daily. "Really, Lord?" I would ask...and begrudgingly, I did it anyway. I gave thanks every single day for 30 days (no matter how I felt).... and when the initial challenge was accomplished... God said, "keep going".... which turned into 90 days... then 120... and solidly thorugh the first 770, I didn't miss a day... then over a 1000 days. I missed only 3 or 4 days in that time... but kept writing and holding every thought captive (2 Corinthians 10:5)... edifying to my Lord and Savior.

When I began this journey, my husband and I were living in the same house, but not in alignment at all. I was so sick (falling down, migraines daily, vision issues, fatigue, ten, in so much pain, and barely hanging on emotionally, depressed and desperate. We had lost jobs (both of us in a year), our house, our cars, we were living in my ex-husband's spare house because we couldn't find anything else... I was disconnecting from everything... cervical cancer surgery and suicidal from the hormone treatments, dealing with a long-term unexplainable illness, and all the naysayers who insisted my ailments were all in my head.... and God called me to give thanks, what's up with that?

I know so many are suffering, and in need of respite, my prayer is that the Holy Spirit will nudge someone to hear the call to change to this one habit, and instruction of our Father.

If you are crying out to God and trying to 'hear' Him, and don't know how to begin, just begin... simply... daily... and ask God to help you, and feel free to drop me a note as well.

Will you join me in a 30 day challenge?

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