Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Thankful Life - Helping A Friend

I know you have been following my own journey, and I am so grateful for your prayers and I am so fortunate to have the treatment options I have thus far... I really felt led to share this, and completely trust God to direct the right friends to help.

  • See this little fighter?
  • She has Lyme, and so many challenges associated with the disease.
  • Her mom, Monique needs your help to help Penelope.

Monique's note to me.
Dear Shawn, 

This has been a super tough journey, especially watching both of my kids battle this disease. I was diagnosed 5 years ago, possibly had it a lifetime. Penelope & Justin were both diagnosed within the last 2 years. None of us have properly committed to treatment, as financially we are compromised and because we are on State Medical, insurance is not accepted. I have done all I know to do.

It seems obstacles are always in our path. I am tired. Really, really tired and although I love God and have faith, watching my kids suffer is horrible. Doctors ignore us, maybe because they don't really understand, or are afraid to understand. I can't afford the Lyme literate doctors anymore and none of us have been tested in a long while. I watch Penelope suffer when the world is clueless of what she endures. People think since she is always smiling, she is great. They have no idea, how hard it takes me to keep her spirit in check. They don't see her when she is crying out with nightmares, hallucinations. When she is crying because her bones hurt. They don't see them protruding from her spine, they so see the sparkly pretty girl in pink. They don't have a clue of her anxiety, that her bouncing is a response to anxieties. They just assume because of her spirit she is not sick.
I don't want her sick… I want her well. I want her normal.
There are so many things I have witnessed since her birth, digestive issues, MTHFR detoxing issues, thyroid on and so forth. The time spent trying to feed her, the cost… Healthy Diet. I cannot take for granted what we eat, it is what has helped keep pain at bay. I speak so much for Penelope because she is young and she has a real chance. Yet 7 years has passed and Lyme & confections have advanced. Most of my family & friends don't believe us, if they do, they hide it because they don't know what to do... it is sad.
I praise God for my son, whom without him, we would be at a total loss, but remember he too is sick, diagnosed the same. I have had a few people help us. They are precious. It was in the beginning though and those finances were gone as soon as they were received, when all this began. I have tried to save money out of my low income, Justin tries to work part-time, but the need keeps growing.
I keep praying. I don't want sympathy, I want empathy, compassion and Penelope needs help. I want God to send his people; those who are willing to look beneath. Keep praying for us Shawn. I am happy we met. I won't even mention the challenges of my own illness, the obstacles of moldy houses, broken down cars, rent, electricity, these things postpone our recovery. Thank you for listening. Love ya!

Please consider helping this family get their medical journey started again. Please share with others, and come together for our sister in Christ.

I will donate a print (Dwell in Him 11x14-unframed) to the first 15 people who gives $150.

Shawn Delia Boreta

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