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Thankful Life - Why It's Important

Looking at Things Differently
Thankful Life - Why It's Important

I believe when someone makes a decision to “finally” get the help they deserve, it’s all out research, asking questions, absorbing, more questions, disappointment, dead-ends and doubt… all the while, coming against opposition in some form: This can come from doctors, co-workers/employers, friends and family. So, how do we do this thing called “getting well”?

At some point you have to step back away from it all to really see what you have before you. Which brings up yet more opposition – our mind and our ability to comprehend necessity and need, while addressing and working with huge cognitive issues and challenges… honestly, it’s just hard. Seems impossible. And is a very lonely process for many. But it’s not.

Lyme disease does not accommodate structure or clarity, so trying to make sense of it becomes a losing proposition. So, when evaluating what steps to take, we need to have our own basic structure in place to work through the emotional and the physical, while having the tools necessary to meet our Spiritual needs and growth. 
In November 2008, I was challenged to “give thanks daily” during Thanksgiving month. I really felt led to comply after several nudges and promptings from God. I began the journey of Giving Thanks Daily on November 3, 2008, and wrote, and wrote and wrote daily… for 775 days straight, then God released the daily, and I now write as led or energy permits.  That same year, I went from sick to very sick in a matter of 2 months.  I had been self-employed for 9 years doing financial coaching, so sleeping in, taking naps and creating my own schedule worked well with being sick, and hiding it from everyone. On June 5th, 2008, I started a full time job (in ministry) was a perfect fit and was just what God had planned… the building I worked in “smelled musty and mildewy” and I knew there was a mold issue and complained profusely, but I needed the job. Every day I dealt with severe migraines, nausea and anxiety. I had become a professional complainer… not out loud, mind you, deep in my heart in attitude and thought. It was consuming me. The broken glass under the skin sensations throughout my body, increased and my thought is because I was also beginning to get warn down, fatigued and undone mentally. Believe it or not, I did my job well, but was having trouble with my boss, which is something I had never dealt with. Stress, stress and more stress. I was going to church, studying the bible, worshiping and listening to Christian Teaching and Talk radio all day… trying to fill my mind with God’s Word and knowing His promises are truly for me.

Back to the act of Giving Thanks Daily – it saved my life… this is not an exaggeration, but a true testimony of God working things out for His good and glory. So, I committed to writing every day… finding the good in everything. Pushing through to “get that purpose accomplished” – and I did. From this God urged me to "be encouraged, by encouraging others", and a Facebook-based ministry began with the Wonderfully Made page, and subsequently 5 other pages with 30-40 volunteers learning and growing in the same way.

God not only showed up, He carried me every single day. My obedience to His urgings filled my days with joy and hope – despite all the challenges I went through.

On June 3rd, 2013, I started a new job at the local Christian Teaching and Talk radio station I listened to everyday at my previous job, and have listened to since the day after I was saved. The change in environment helped, but within 6 months, I was back to all the symptoms I had had before, plus flat out exhausted, wobbly legged and devastated… You see, I had slowly stopped writing daily, wrote weekly, then on occasion. I had allowed the enemy to whittle away at my hope, dampen my spirits… BUT NO MORE!!!

I am not writing this to say how awesome I am… or how good I am because I did this or that. I am sharing this to testify that GOD DID IT ALL. He put the words to the page, the hope in my heart and the desire to keep my focus right. My prayer every day is that someone else can see what God has shown me; that the gift of being grateful is something God said is freely shared and gifted to others. My prayer is that pain and circumstances are noted, but hope and joy are lived out, and the Holy Spirit shines victory these times of living in this broken world – in this tattered, hurting, confusing and broken body knowing that this is temporary, but He is permanent.
And I am His!
Much love in Christ Jesus,
Shawn Boreta

"Our flesh lives in enemy territory, but our will, our hearts, our thoughts and our eternity belong to our Creator, because of our Savior, BECAUSE HE LOVES US SO MUCH.
As a child of God, you have power and strength to fight all evil. Exercise that power and strength, in Jesus' name and in the full power of the Holy Spirit." ~Shawn Boreta, 2013
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