Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My Life is a Prayer - December 1, 2015

Thank You LORD for our family here. We pray for those who are not with family or friends tomorrow to be encouraged, to hear from loved ones... to lift their heavy hearts and souls for comfort and peace. Heavenly and gracious Father, Thank You for all the miracles we receive, both unknown and the recognizable ones. Thank You for giving us a family here to come to and lament and be supported. YOU ARE OUR SALVATION, in this world as well as our final home. Many of us are despera...te for Your intervening with the earthly systems. Help us to better prepare ourselves for the physical, emotional and spiritual battles we face daily. Give us the strength to seek You in our hardest of times, and in the times when gratitude in our hearts are forgotten. Help us in our daily seeking, our daily thankfulness... our right mindedness... our stamina and faith. WE NEED YOU TO INTERVENE, to show us when you are right here with us - we understand that You are always present in our abidance and obedience - show us the path to strength and courage. Help us understand the bits and pieces of the things that go on in our lives now, and remember the miracles that are known, and to realize the miracles that we have not recognized yet. Give us eyes to see, ears to hear and the spirit to move closer and closer to You. Amazing God, we are Yours... and You ARE our everything. Gratefully we come in name of our Savior, Christ Jesus and trust the leading in our hearts, minds and souls through the Holy Spirit... GOD IN US. In agreement with others and in whole heart I pray and submit!


Shawn Delia Boreta

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