Friday, August 26, 2016

Thankful Life - August 26, 2016

I am really trying to focus on the right thing.

I have a follow up Lyme appointment next week - and essentially symptoms have come back. I started treatment 17 months ago (orals: Rx, herbals and homeopathic). I had several months where improvement was apparent. As I changed medications for the 6th time because of adverse reactions (Rocephin shots), I now find my body is not progressing the way I "thought" it would during this time of treatment. I can get completely discouraged, as can we all.... OR I CAN GET COMPLETELY ENGAGED with the healing that our Father has already provided me... praise, worship and thanksgiving.

Here's how good the LORD has been. As I begin to crumble in my moments of weakness, He reminds me what my mission is - pray for others, while trusting His plan AND allow Jesus to stand in the gap (every gap). It sounds so simple, and agreeably, IT IS NOT, but it truly is. I have many moments of crumbling, stumbling and despair, but over the years (as I get closer to Him), they are less and less.... and I can see these as fleeting moments, rather than lingering.
My prayer for all of us is that we can see despair fleet, and His presence linger.
I thought I would share some an older article, from 2012.

Day 879 of Giving Thanks Daily

lasting for a very short time.
synonyms: brief, short, short-lived, quick, momentary, cursory, transient, ephemeral, fugitive, passing, transitory; literary evanescent
lasting for a long time or slow to end.

Shawn Delia Boreta

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