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A special moment with my Father! (Testimony Series) - by Mary Fox

A special moment with my Father!
by Mary Fox

As most of you know my father went through a difficult and painful month after being diagnosed with a bowl obstruction and had to undergo a major operation. At the age of 89 and never having been admitted to a hospital in all his life, this was a big deal for him and for all of us who love him dearly.
The whole journey has been nothing less than amazing, painful and loving!

During the 5 weeks that he was away from home and in the hospital/rehab centre my father and I grew very close. In fact, the bond between us was quite incredible!  We came to a point where I instinctively knew what he wanted (ie. food, rest, pain relief etc).  He didn’t even have to speak. The trust that he showed me was truly amazing.  We sort of ‘got each other’.

This connection didn't just happen. I had to ‘be with him’ constantly.  I was committed and devoted to doing everything I could to see him return home and to have the strength he had prior to the operation.  As a result, I spent hours, days and weeks by his side, giving him as much nourishment as I could, massaging his feet, stroking his hair, whispering words of encouragement to him and praying for him. My love for him grew so much, as did the pain and heartbreak when we didn’t see the results we were hoping for.

One day whilst driving home from hospital, feeling tired and totally exhausted but ready and anxious to return to my dad, I sensed God interrupt my thoughts. I ‘felt’ Him whisper the following "I want you to minister to Me like you are to your father." BOOM!! I felt such conviction in my heart and I just sat in shock as I pondered the mystery of how I could so easily neglect my Abba Father in heaven.  Oh, to have a greater devotion to Him, how precious that would be -  to know instinctively what was is on His heart, to serve Him without compromise, to never leave His side and to minister to Him with such love.  This is what I believe our Heavenly Father trulydesires -  that we love Him with all our heart, mind and soul..”

I had to pull over to the side of the road.  I needed a moment to try and fathom the enormity and the honour of my Father’s request.  To be honest, I burst out crying because I saw in a new light my need to repent.  I saw how shallow and half-hearted my devotion and worship had been.  I was completely undone!  Oh, how many opportunities I must have missed to spend time at His side and to get to know what He is thinking and feeling and wanting me to do for His glory.

It is becoming increasingly clear to me that intimacy with our Lord is our primary calling, our highest form of ministry.  I am so grateful for this amazing lesson. Isn’t it just like God to gently minister to us and reveal Himself to us in the midst of such painful and difficult times?

Our God is so awesome! He is so worthy of all our love and devotion.

©2013 Mary Fox, Ps139 group
Mary is an amazing woman of God, wife, mother and sister in Christ. Her devotion to our Father is such a wonderful example in my life. She is a writer and edifier for Ps139 group and teaches daily on the Equip His People page. So many are blessed in so many ways.

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