Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Life is a Prayer - September 13, 2014

We live this life, which by no means is perfect in anyway... and we cannot respond with that expectation. It has truly been a week of continuous prayer and seeking. My God (your God, if you choose) is always there - assuring, and reassuring as necessary when I seek Him. I am learning, though it has been a very hard lesson, to seek Him in silence with my problems and challenges. The more I 'share my feelings' with others, the longer it takes to work through the issue. How about you? My prayer today, for me and you, is that we can come to Him and seek His comfort in right ways - with whole hearts and minds. He is for you (and He is for me)... Repeat after me, "GOD IS FOR ME!"

I responded poorly and reacted even worse. Lord help me to get through the next few hours. The attack of the enemy has been great this week! I'm tired and worn, in real need of reprieve. Help me not to react anymore. It with me Lord as I lay all of this before you. In Jesus' precious name I seek and pray.

"But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one." 2 Thessalonians 3:3 (New International Version)

In the times when my heart is grieved, I am reminded that we are to complain and grumble in silence. Bringing it to our mighty God, is the way to see that through. Praise allowed! Praise allowed! Praise, praise, praise! He is faithful… Father, my heart is broken. The years of being blamed, and ridiculed… It's really hard to take Lord. Strengthen me to see this through.

For me, when I keep sharing my grief with others, it's a reliving of it rather then a healing from it. Everyone is different, but for me I need to bring it all to the Lord! I need to let him fulfill that need to be healed and restored.

Thank you Father God for never leaving me, and always comforting me in pain and sorrow! I know you are faithful. The flesh needs to be willing to see it. I lay this all before you in Christ Jesus, amen.
I am grateful for my Heavenly Father and His everyday mercies.

“Through His faithfulness, you are guarded by God’s power so that you can receive the salvation He is ready to reveal in the last time.” 1 Peter 1:5 (Common English Bible)

Lord I am praying this evening. This heart is broken! Sometimes I'm at a loss as to how to respond so that it can be Christ-like in my actions and reactions. Help me know the right way to move forward , To step back to look away. Bring the person that should be closest to me toward you Lord. Help me with this havoc but cycles on anon anon. I'm seeking you, desperately seeking you to fulfill the promise of salvation to my household. Please don't let it be under deathbed, I when I have thought and prayed for years and years and years. I'm asking you Lord to move him toward you. In the strength of the Holy Spirit let my walk be worthy. In Christ Jesus I pray... amen.

Broken Hearts… Lord I'm praying for those who are heartbroken, heartsick, broken Period!!
Praying for those who say, "I can't do it anymore"… For those who are tired and weary Lord God I pray for a new peace, Your presence.

"But He said to me, My grace (My favor and loving-kindness and mercy) is enough for you [sufficient against any danger and enables you to bear the trouble manfully]; for My strength and power are made perfect (fulfilled and completed) and show themselves most effective in [your] weakness. Therefore, I will all the more gladly glory in my weaknesses and infirmities, that the strength and power of Christ (the Messiah) may rest (yes, may pitch a tent over and dwell) upon me!" ~2 Corinthians 12:9 (Amplified Bible)

Again, my prayer today, for me and you, is that we can come to Him and seek His comfort in right ways - with whole hearts and minds. He is for you (and He is for me)... Repeat after me, "GOD IS FOR ME!"

Joy in the Lord is strength.
"The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and He helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise Him." ~Psalm 28:7 (New King James Version)

©2014 Shawn Boreta, Giving Thanks Daily

Shawn Delia Boreta

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