Saturday, November 15, 2014

Being His - November 15, 2014

Everything that happens in this life... is forgivable... redeemable.., purposeful... only because we have a God who loves so much, we are forgiven when we approach the throne and ask for forgiveness... Through that comes redemption, the amazing gift that our Creator and heavenly Father so lovingly prepared for those who love Him... And, every decision and direction of this life began with purpose and with His direction and pursuit, He calls us to that purpose.

Even in this... there is forgiveness... redemption... purpose!

My body is fighting LORD... and I need Your fight in me. There is just so much I can do, and I am seriously done for the moment... help me fight so I can then rest.

The physical pain Father and the dealings with this disease are nothing compared to the heartbreak You know because so many have fallen away from Your truth. It breaks my heart to know that I too can and will let you down. That I too fall short every single day and so desire to be Christ-like in my actions, thoughts and pursuits. Help me LORD to work through the heart issues that arise, the temptations that are ever present in this life, and to know You completely - as you desire for me. Help me to pursue Your Word diligently and to recognize what needs to change in me. Help me to love others, be patient and walk in a manner pleasing to You... even in and especially in my momentary states that seem to disallow clarity and wisdom. Forgive me for my shortness with others and let not my physical pain be a stumbling block to compassionate and passionate witness, but allow me to be empathetic to the pure needs of others. Help me pursue and believe whole restoration regardless of my physical being. I trust You Father and love You so much. Help me live out that example... not by complaining or bringing attention to myself in my own trials, but glorifying You as I am strengthened, comforted and healed "yet more" by Your mercies daily. Thank YOU Father for loving me completely, and giving me hope daily through Your tender and perfect presence. Let my life reflect Your grace as I relate to others in their need despite my own needs. In the glory of our Creator, and through the saving blood of Christ Jesus, we pray. Amen.

You are the fight I need right now Father... take it from here.

©2014 Giving Thanks Daily, Shawn Boreta



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