Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thankful Life - December 4, 2014

It may appear to the flesh that we have been forgotten, or abandoned in our storms, but we are never left to fend for ourselves as a child of God.

"Then he went aboard the boat, and his disciples followed him. Before long a terrific storm sprang up and the boat was awash with the waves. Jesus was sleeping soundly and the disciples went forward and woke him up. “Lord, save us!” they cried. “We are drowning!” ~Matthew 9:23-25

Awake… Thankful, first, I am grateful that I am awake and alert and ready to conquer another day… But never ready without "He who loved me first".

Awake… it appears that much more awake than just what you see. Lord I cannot do this today or any day without You, nor do I want to.

Awake… This body that appears whole - it's crashing on the inside, desperate for relief… crying and screaming on the inside… Praying to see the crashing of me restored.

It's days like these that I find my flesh screaming, "enough… Enough, enough is enough!"

And it's moments like these that I treasure that my God is enough, more than enough!

Most days I don't remember my dreams, sometimes I wake up and just know they were weird. Others it might be a calm. When I woke up yesterday, by the way after sleeping 14 1/2 hours after a first dose of an antibiotic for a kidney infection, it was not only weird… But I did remember it.

I spent the night experiencing crashes… Crashing cars, crashing waves, avalanching snow… Crashing into people. It depicted exactly what the inside of my body feels like - fine one minute and crushed the next. "Fine" defined is momentary lapses in pain. Again I say, I cannot do this alone, and today I am grateful I never have to.

I am grateful. Whatever you're going through today or in this life, you are not alone. We never have to be alone!

Jesus shows his mastery over the forces of nature in our lives daily... we just have to abide and be aware of His presence, through His Word and the consistence of the Holy Spirit.

“What are you so frightened about, you little-faiths?” he replied. Then he got to his feet and rebuked the wind and the waters and there was a great calm. The men were filled with astonishment and kept saying, “Whatever sort of man is this—why, even the wind and the waves do what he tells them!” Matthew 8:26-27

J.B. Phillips New Testament (PHILLIPS)


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