Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 958 of Giving Thanks

Today, I praise you Father for all that You do. God, You know where I am, what my heart is and I trust that You will continue to guide me toward Your plan for me. It has truly been an amazing couple of years; it has included many times of uncertainty; moments, and even days of heartbreak and heartache; trials beyond any trial I have encountered before; YET THE MOST AMAZING ASSURANCES THROUGH MY TIME WITH YOU LORD, MY HEAVENLY FATHER.

Nothing compares, is not just a cliché for me, it is my daily thought. I am so grateful for the lessons learned and all the lessons to come. I am so grateful for the many times of doubt and the many times of fear, not that I like those times, but those were the times when I sought Him more, desired His presence more in my life. And today, I praise for all the times, for all the times are truly good times because of who I am, and whose I am.

The things that has kept me pressing in most is the desire to serve others, to be more like Christ and know that it is all about Him; His work in me, His work for me, His life for mine, and knowing that mine is to serve Him.

Service for Christ... this is the daily objective. Praying for others, praying for wisdom and doing what we can, that is doing what is right.

So today, let me praise again and again for the words that come, the Word that is to share, the times in the Word, as well as all the wisdom shared as the Holy Spirit directs, corrects and confirms every single step. I am praying greatly for a breakthrough, and that I can break through the holding points in my mind. That I can break free from the things that stop me in my tracks, produce fear or anxiety and all the thoughts that hold me captive, rather than me holding every thought captive through Him.

Let me be reminded of the prayer You gave me LORD for a friend, but really it is for me. Let me stand firm, in faith and trust daily.

And, friends, let me encourage You to keep pressing in, pushing forward and leaning on Him. Let me encourage you, as so many have continued to encourage me – He is here! You are not alone! He has a plan! And, you are dearly, sincerely and sacrificially loved beyond measure.

Father, we thank You for Your hand upon our lives. We thank You that You know all the major things we are going through and all the little things we need. We pray that in times of exhaustion, we can remember Your presence. We pray that in the times of our own in-capabilities we remember that You are able in every instance to pull us through, draw us near and bring us to complete healing. We stand firm as Your daughters and sons in faith, trust and belief that we are truly Your precious ones and You are right here with us in times when we just can't lift our heads and we have heavy hearts. We pray for strength to do what is needed, to give up what we cannot do and believe that we can and will do both as the Holy Spirit leads; we pray we can hear and abide. Thank You amazing Father for our beautiful friends, and I lift my so many up to You for all these things; hope and favor for a healed body, mind and heart. I pray that we all can see You daily, in the times of trouble especially, and when we look into those precious gifts of our children. Let us be comforting to them, as we seek and need Your comfort. We trust You LORD and expect to live in that faith. May we be obedient in belief if nothing else, and trusting of all Your promises, and when we feel in our hearts that we cannot stand alone, let us lean on and press into You even more intently. Amen.

Be encouraged. He loves you intently. He desires nothing more than for You to love Him wholly, trust Him, and know Him. Tonight, if you have not come to Him, don’t wait any longer. Seek Him, be comforted and know that He is all you need. Nothing compares. 

© 2012 Shawn Boreta, Giving Thanks Daily

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Shawn Delia Boreta

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