Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Thought to Ponder by Vicki Maskell

A Thought to Ponder
by Vicki Maskell

When I'm feeling low... I just have to reflect on what my life was before the Lord gave me the Greatest Gift in my life. He died so I mite live.....

So to honor him, to show how thankful I am for saving even me, for never leaving me alone, for carrying me when I felt I couldn't bear another moment, for not allowing me to end my life when I was in such a dark place, for showing me even I have a purpose here, for allowing me to mother two amazing children... that were worth every single heartache... and the overwhelming oy they added to my life.

For using me to reach out to lost that most would pass to share how Great Our God is, that there's a better way, there's hope, endless love, forgiveness, healing, peace, joy and He'll never leave or forsake you ever!

So as a new chapter of my life has started... I'll try to be patient knowing He'll never leave me .. or allow anything I can't walk though... and if needed... He will carry me! That's where just the tiniest fleck of faith is all that's needed.  Thank You Father for loving even me.

Vicki is a wife, mother, a beautiful child of God and one of our edifiers for Ps139 group

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