Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 980 of Giving Thanks

“Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD.” ~Psalm 31:24 (New International Version)

““Hope forward” is how I will live. “Hope forward” is how I will pray. “Hope forward” is how I will expect.” ~Day 493

I can focus on the honesty of my circumstances or the honesty of His amazing promises... I choose the latter. 

Although there is so much room for improvement in my circumstances, holding onto what is true through His work helps me work in resting in His plans to get me out of the desert; for even in the desert, I am in His presence with so much hope.

 I did a study a few years ago and the mantra that came from it, and resides so deeply in my heart is, "Hope Forward"... knowing that hope is in the knowing that no matter what is behind me, my God is always before me.

I trust You Father for where I am and what needs to be accomplished. I trust You that I am on Your path, and although I may falter, run myself off the road and hit enemy potholes, I have You as my navigator and fuel...

It is Your will LORD I seek daily. Your hope I find in all my circumstances and joy through the process. Thank You.

Our job, is to live for Him daily... encourage others in their walk... edify Christ through our actions... love the unlovable... forgive the unforgivable... live the impossible in His strength, while trusting His presence through it all.

I love You LORD, my Creator... Lord Jesus, my Redeemer and so grateful for the all of that and who You are living inside me.

Have you ever noticed that when we are in sin, or doubt, or denial in some form or another, we tend to hide (or want to hide) from our brothers and sisters who only want to help us walk righteously?

 They offer to pray for us... we run.
 They offer to help us... we run.
 They offer to be with us... we run.

 What is that?

That is the enemy prodding us to choose aloneness under the guise of humility to avoid God and Godly people.

When you start to "run"... STOP. REQUEST God's intervening and tender guidance to ask for prayer; to ask for help; to ask for company and comfort through friendship.

You are not alone, and when you push others away, and "feel" alone, know that is the enemy working hard to be your company... you don't need that company, do you?

If you are turning away from Godly advise and wisdom, and dismissing the Word of God to do something "you want to do"... you are turning to sin, and away from God... pray for conviction in this area - it may be sex, addiction, even unforgiveness - know this...

OUR GOD IS GREATER THAN YOUR DESIRES AND YOUR SIN. He loves you and desires a clean heart and a holy walk. He also knows that we will sin, and that is why we have the Holy Spirit, ready, waiting and available to reverse those thoughts to those of God and Godly things.

Let us be wholly Yours in our thoughts and hearts Father, so we can lead holy lives.


It takes our efforts in control, discipline and the Holy Spirit working in us and through us. As believers, His children, we have all of the Holy Spirit the moment we accept Him as our Savior... and it takes prayer, relationship, petition, submission, belief, trust, conviction faith and more faith to recognize the amazing and true power already within us. Thankfully, He is faithful... and will grow the smallest of our faith to be the giant faith of our God in us.

Wonderful news and should be the daily assurance that brings us closer as He draws us nearer.

“May I continue to have a beautiful perspective and everyday as I step into the world, storm or not, I am expectant of “hope forward”.” ~Day 493 (click to read)

I originally had Hope Forward revealed on Day 493… often, it is Hoping Forward. 

© 2013 Shawn Boreta, Giving Thanks Daily

Shawn Delia Boreta

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