Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 982 Giving Thanks

I know You are working God... for as the good days come through and the great experiences are recognized, the enemy, not only lurks, but lunges and pounces often... Help me in these moments that the enemy's voice, antics and attempts to discourage come up. Help me to use all I know about You to PUSH THROUGH, PRESS IN AND BELIEVE YOUR PRESENCE.

God, I need Your BOOM and wisdom now. I am seeking guidance, direction and clarity of the "one" move I feel I need to make. Today, although was a good day, there is that "one area" that is so difficult for me to work through. I am tired of this circumstance and tired in general. I have prayed, pleaded, begged and requested and I am ready... I have been told to ask boldly, while asking often. Let me hear You Father, help me in my weariness and moments that require all of You to be acknowledged deeply in my heart, my thoughts and throughout my actions. Help me LORD to know that this circumstance is temporary, and part of my learning opportunities. Help me mighty and faithful God to exercise even MORE FAITH... more trust... more power and strength in You. Coming to You Father in the name of my precious Savior, amen.

When burdens are heavy... lean on God and give it all to Him.

I know the LORD, yet I still find myself dealing with depression and despair... I have found great exercises that help me get through these moments... I do not allow the enemy to take hold... I do give thanks and praise my heavenly Father often during these times. That is the key to standing in faith - this I wholly believe I need to keep the focus on Him and leaving my emotions behind.

And, in the process, HE DRAWS ME NEARER AND NEARER.

“Hallelujah! Praise God in His holy house of worship, praise Him under the open skies; Praise Him for his acts of power, praise him for His magnificent greatness; Praise with a blast on the trumpet, praise by strumming soft strings; Praise him with castanets and dance, praise Him with banjo and flute; Praise him with cymbals and a big bass drum, praise him with fiddles and mandolin. Let every living, breathing creature praise GOD!  Hallelujah!” ~Psalm 150:1 (The Message)

God's refining of us is the greatest gift in this life.

In the midst of God's refining beauty for each of us, it appears ugly and hardened with impurities... but with His tender guidance, correction and unending work in us, we are His masterpiece... today and every day I pray we can all be grateful for the journey.

So you think you 'need' to 'process' your anger, your worry, your complaints about your spouse or children... well let me share what I believe...

When you do this, you INVITE the enemy to that table... he sits as a filter between your mouth and your friend's ears. Not only are you speaking harm to your friend, but you are giving fuel and future material for the enemy to use against you in your own life.

Think about and pray on this... 

Grumble in silence, give it to God... Rejoice aloud and share with others.

I find that so many want to minister to specific groups of people, by pointing out that particular sin. Shine your difference through Jesus, not pointing out why they are sinners, for you too (as are we all) are a sinner, unable to not sin, but thankfully covered by the blood of Jesus. It's when they see we love them, truly love them they see the difference... Let me tell you about one of my 'old' sins that the LORD removed, but let me not name it (because it really doesn't matter if it was a sexual sin, addiction, prostitution, lying, thieving, abusing myself or others, right).

But I will tell you anyway... I had an eating disorder (bulimia, anorexia)... People were harsh... (believers to a then, nonbeliever), "how can you not eat, throw up... don't you know it's wrong... harmful..." The "sin" was not the real issue, the real issue was the pain that caused the sin and NOT KNOWING I WAS LOVED IN AN AMAZING WAY BY MY CREATOR... God used godly people to come along side of me to remind me of who I am, whose I am.

We cannot show love if we are continually 'sharing' statues on how much we "don't hate you because of.... but you have to stop doing it 'cause it's wrong".

Can we get down to shining Jesus in love, relationship and letting God convict the heart of others? Be real.

In the process of "being real", share your story, share your heart, and love them, use what our mighty God has gifted you in to relate, love and trust the Holy Spirit speaking in and through you. My greatest prayer, "God, help me with this"...

“Do not neglect the gift you have, which was given you by prophecy when the council of elders laid their hands on you. Practice these things, immerse yourself in them, so that all may see your progress. Keep a close watch on yourself and on the teaching. Persist in this, for by so doing you will save both yourself and your hearers.” ~1 Timothy 4:14-16 (English Standard Version)

Shawn Delia Boreta

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