Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 998 of Giving Thanks

We work on God’s foundation!

“In this work, we work with God, and that means that you are a field under God’s cultivation, or, if you like, a house being built to his plan.
"I, like an architect who knows his job, by the grace God has given me, lay the foundation; someone else builds upon it. I only say this, let the builder be careful how he builds! The foundation is laid already, and no one can lay another, for it is Jesus Christ himself. But any man who builds on the foundation using as his material gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay or stubble, must know that each man’s work will one day be shown for what it is. The day will show it plainly enough, for the day will arise in a blaze of fire, and that fire will prove the nature of each man’s work. If the work that the man has built upon the foundation will stand this test, he will be rewarded. But if a man’s work be destroyed under the test, he loses it all. He personally will be safe, though rather like a man rescued from a fire.” ~1 Corinthians 3:9-15 (J.B. Phillips New Testament)

We are all designed with a purpose and our heavenly Father pursues us, draws us nearer and nearer to that purpose. It is when we begin to live in His will we see all those things - strength, power, discernment and clarity through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Walking in His light takes one thing... us listening to His commands and believing His promises. Let it be done LORD, through our actions according to Your will.

I am beginning the discipline of getting up earlier. It seems I am tired if I don't sleep, tired when I do... so, in an effort to be the best I can, do the best I can and give the best I can, I am going to get up and get moving earlier.

As I sit here, trying to read, but very little response from my eyes to focus - I pray. Tears mighty and holy God come and seem to lift the weariness. I realize I push, when I should submit... I take on when I should set boundaries... Help.

God I ask for YOUR STRENGTH and YOUR CLARITY as I set out each day to do what I am responsible to do. Help me Father to push through when I am able, and rest when I am supposed to. It is so hard to tell which is which. My body is tired and I am unable to wrap my mind around what I need to hear and do at times. Help me LORD for I am ready to hear You on this, see Your path and to deeply know Your purpose. How do I rest when so much is before me to do - job, household.... responsibilities? How do I move out of exhaustion and into rest? How do I minister and witness in these times of low energy? How do I step out of this and into all that is You and Yours? I AM READY FATHER. I AM READY.

There are so many blessings right before us. Don't miss them because you are focusing on something in the past. The past does not matter when it comes to your future. You are forgiven, healed, favored and blessed in ways beyond measure by the power of the Holy Spirit and the work of Christ... don't dismiss this truth in thought or in action. Step in and believe.

I think at times we focus so much on what we could have changed, "only if...." and we waste our energy in that way. If we ponder on "whose we are", and His promises, WHICH ARE TRUSTWORTHY, we can see our life transform and our faith grow. Today is a day of believing.

Anyone with me on this?

Allow the Holy Spirit to move you to the breakthrough that the Lord Jesus already provided. 

Be encouraged. 
That you already have the strength. 
That you are already healed. 
That He waits for you to recognize His absolute and constant presence. 
That all you have to do is keep believing. Hold fast. 
Stand strong. 
Submit all.

New day, new you daily. By allowing God's grace empower you through His forgiveness, we can let the powerless times of our life, diminish. By embracing God's strength and power in the process, we can let it go completely and live rightly daily.

© 2013 Giving Thanks Daily

Shawn Delia Boreta

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