Wednesday, April 10, 2013

In These Times by Ron McIntyre

From time to time I have noticed, and perhaps some of you as well, that names of false teachers, preachers and event leaders seem to find a way of getting their names on our pages.

We, as leaders, must have full discernment in being able to call out a person that fits this definition. Today there are many popular evangelicals that are deceiving the sheep with their false words of encouragement, false hopes and even outright lies that are a far stretch from what we are taught in the Bible. Prosperity teachers seem to really draw followers who believe in the name-it, claim it philosophy. Show me one place where we are told to claim anything that isn't spiritual in Jesus name. How arrogant to demand God do something because we claim it to be!!!

We hear those who preach peace through religion and that all religions should bond together, after all, we have the same God. THIS IS FALSE!!!!!

We hear that the gate is "wide"--Jesus said the "gate" is narrow--Who do you believe?

We hear that all we need to do is love and everything will be all right. Jesus said that we will suffer for His namesake.

My friends, the church today has become politically correct and attempts to reach out through programs while telling people what they want to hear. What about teaching what the Bible teaches and warns us about?

We hear that the church will save the world from hunger and solve health issues. Where in the Bible are we told that the church will solve all the problems of the world? The church is to take care of believers, that we are commanded to do.

We are told not to yoke with unbelievers, yet we see pastors sharing their stages with pastors and public speakers that do not share the same God as we do. There is one God, period. There is ONE way , period.

Do not be fooled because someone looks good, speaks well and quotes scripture. Do not follow someone because your common sense thinking tells you this must be true.-----Make your decisions only with facts, and the only facts are in the Bible. We are individually accountable and responsible for our own thoughts, words and actions. When we face the Lord, there will be no blame game. Read your Bible and seek wisdom from the Holy Spirit when you do, don't ever take the word of someone else unless you know it to be true.

The Old and New Testaments warn us throughout about wolves in sheep's clothing that will lead the sheep astray, I pray that no one here is following a false teacher in any way, shape or form. Some people know that a person is false but will still get in involved with their programs because they may do good for others. When you endorse a program, you endorse that teacher.

God the Father is our creator. Our Savior is Jesus. Our healer is the Holy Spirit by definition--not man!!!!!

Truth, joy and love,
Strength and Honor

Shawn Delia Boreta

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