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My Deliverer (Testimony Series) a look at Laurie Marks Vincent

My Deliverer

Laurie Marks Vincent is an inspirational Christian speaker, recording artist, songwriter & award winning vocalist, who is dynamic on the stage with a real & personal approach.

She uses all of her gifts and passion from the platform to powerfully communicate a message that challenges the strong and lifts the weary. She has a message for every one. Women's ministries, general audiences, youth, singles and couples alike, are moved by her ministry, through her testimony and her real life experiences, as she shares in line with the Word of God, and her ability to effectively reach people.

The accomplished performer is not at all interested in entertaining unless it takes you on a journey that draws the heart closer to God’s heart.

After Scott and Laurie’s first son was born in 1988, Laurie’s artwork of babies and mothers was used by the Tillsonburg Right to Life, printed on note cards and sold to raise funds for the organization. Some 20 years later, the Vincent’s lost a grand child as a result of abortion. Laurie shared, “It was a fight, in prayer and personally for our son who lost his child. After grieving the loss of a child that we would never hold, the road back to recovery took a whole year.” The song “My Deliverer” was birthed after that time of grieving. Laurie says, “Some days it still feels like yesterday. It’s something that you never think will ever happen to you.

My Deliverer Music Video Link

VOTE FOR LAURIE The Canadian Gospel Music Association -Blessing Fan Choice is coming up. If you haven't already, would you please vote for Laurie? VOTE HERE and submit her full name (Laurie Marks Vincent).

A note from Laurie : WHY I'M DOING THIS?
I'm doing this because the award is sponsored by a Christian bookstore chain in Canada. The video that I'm releasing in the Spring will be a pro-life video to reach mom's who are contemplating abortion. I'm hoping that the recognition will be a vehicle that will allow me to get the pro-life video into hands of people through the Christian bookstores, that will in turn use it to make a difference. I'm not much for "awards" but if it means that God can use it to spread the message farther, I'll do as the Lord leads to make it happen...

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