Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 932 of Giving Thanks

In the beginning, there was a challenge, and I took it. And, today, I am still Giving Thanks Daily! Every day is an amazing gift, and every day I thank God for revealing this daily activity to me.

As a group, we are on Day 6, if you haven't started yet, are you ready to take the challenge? 

November 6, 2009
Day 4 of Giving Thanks!
I have been struggling with having results of a program we are doing at work. And, I left work feeling that I was just not doing something right. Then, yesterday I was sitting at Starbucks making phone calls for my business; I caught bits and pieces of a conversation of the guy and young kid sitting across from me.

As they got up to leave, I was in the middle of a conversation, but I heard God say "talk to him". So, with a "gotta go" to my call, I said "are you a youth pastor" to the young man. And, he responded "praise God, how did you know"?  Well, long story short, he is from a church that I am trying to work with for the ministry. So, with his cell number in hand another God-connection was made.

I am grateful that God reminds me that it is ALL Him, and not me.

November 7, 2009
Day 5 of Giving Thanks!
My intention is to start each day by talking to God; and I am good most days. John Bruce, our pastor has been doing a series on grace vs. works. I am grateful that my relationship with God is assured and that no matter how much I mess up, He still loves me and that cannot be taken away from me. I am grateful for others who remind me of that. I am also very grateful that He already knows my needs, even if I forget to tell him or ask.

November 8, 2009
Day 6 of Giving Thanks!
As today comes to a close, I get a chance to reflect on the awesomeness of friendship and the benefit of technology in our lives. Tonight I was able to catch up with someone I hadn't seen in many, many years (from high school). I am amazed that when relationship is healthy that even if you haven't talked in years, you can pick up almost where you left off. Thank you Lord for friends, memories and the opportunity to start fresh while continuing on: thank you for Melissa.

Shawn Delia Boreta

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