Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Life is a Prayer - October 15, 2014

Typically Lord I am very patient… With others mostly, and with myself but today Lord I'm just edgy. I'm annoyed by the littlest things and needing to give Grace. Although I'm not outwardly voicing these annoyances, I am allowing them to and enter my heart and my thoughts. Help me to be loving and kind in thought, as well as action. Help me Lord to love more… More deeply, more wholly! Help me to see the little things that show growth in those I love so much Father. Let me know today that the work we do counts for something. I don't want our efforts to be dirty rags, but to be a fragrance to Your presence. We pray that our actions Lord be those that glorify You… Especially in the little things, whether seen or not. We love you LORD and we just want to please you. Let us seek you more and love You more. Help us in the fullness of the Holy Spirit and with the interceding grace of our Lord Jesus. 

Father we come to you this today and we just thank You for Your presence and Your love. We thank You that You love us so much. We thank You God there is nothing we can ever want because we have You! Help us tear the walls down that hinder our progress to a greater faith and closer relationship with You. Help us let go of the burdens in the woes of this life. Let us come to You and praise and worship many moments today. Thank you Jesus. 

Today, I believe in the strength to endure whatever this world... and this body gives me, but only because I know my Lord will "not leave or forsake me", that I am loved beyond measure, and as I seek my God's will, as I abide, He hears me; He sees me; He knows my every need. Father, please work this heart out to be wholly Yours and let Your desires for this life, are fully the desires of my heart as well. Give me the strength to seek, believe and fulfill Your will. Let the Holy Spirit be my guide and the unending power I need to walk righteously and rightly, in the amazing promises, I come to You and trust in the mighty name of Jesus. AMEN!

Are you going through a rough time? 

Let the LORD fill you... run to a comforting scripture... put on some worship music that will minister to you deeply... reach out to others you can pray for... and with...there might be too much to bear... KNOW THIS, the LORD is with you even in the times when it feels like you are straddling the deep end of grief and hardship. 

Do you feel "unheard, unseen, unimportant"?

 "But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one." 2 Thessalonians 3:3 (New International Version)
I believe we have all been there. You speak, and it's like you are invisible? Well, know this – our God is hearing you, seeing you and you are important... how do I know this? 

(Psalm 118:6; Romans 8:31; Psalm 139; Genesis 16:13; 1 John 4:14)

God is in pursuit of all of us, and not only to say the right things but to be drawn to the Word so we can grow... 
It's about changing our direction, and going deeper.

Our God pursues us… not just for salvation, but for growth and engagement. Are you engaging with the living God? Are you allowing Him to let you grow in the Word and in your faith? It is the work of the Holy Spirit that leads people to salvation, not argument... let your convictions run deep and draw others to your light.

“Listen to advice and accept instruction    so that you will gain wisdom for your future.Many plans are in the heart of a man,    but the purpose of Yahweh will be established." -Proverbs 19:20-21 (Lexham English Bible)

©2014 Giving Thanks Daily, Shawn Boreta

Shawn Delia Boreta

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