Friday, October 17, 2014

Thankful Life - October 17, 2014

For me, I cannot focus on what is ailing me, but who is leading me...

"By His stripes"... Isaiah 53:5 is a fulfilled prophesy that our LORD Jesus bore our sins through the beatings and crucifixion. It is a promise of eternal healing... that He paid our debt for our sin, past/present/future. God is directing me to talk/pray/act differently when it comes to "my healing". Taking scripture to the meaning intended and leading others to seek His guidance too. Also referencing "By His wounds you are healed"...1 Peter 2:24 speaks volumes to me that I need to seek Him differently. That what I seek is not physical healing, but connection to the Holy Spirit through God's Word, while moving steadily in our pursuit to be Christ-like, and as our Father pursues us to KNOW Him...

My writings and prayers have been leading to so much revelation... about myself and exposing prayer in a new and wonderful light. Praying expectantly, but also praying thankfully - not just in my needs or wants - has given me so much hope and insight.

I am asking if anyone else is realizing or discovering anything similar?

And, wanted to see if any of my writings are resonating with anyone else... too far out there? I appreciate your thoughts and input.

In Christ,
Shawn Boreta


Shawn Delia Boreta

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