Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Broken Glass - Shed the Shackles by Bobbi Watts

Shed the Shackles
by Bobbi Watts

I am not sure that I can explain this well. As my body show signs of weakness that I never imagined to happen when I was young, I actually feel more at peace with myself. With all of the terrible things that I went through as a child and the terrible mistakes that I made as a young adult you would think the opposite from a worldly point of view. Entitlement .... you know, I am this way because of such and such. It is wonderful to have shed the shackles of the past. My past does not define me. Back to the physical issues, some of which is my fault and some I have had no control over. They do not define me. They are not my crutch!

I have to use a cane once in awhile and people see a person in need, but I see a person who is doing even when she feels like she can't.

God healed me from a needle in my foot when I was a very young and frightened Christian. His purpose was to teach me to trust Him. To show me that He was not like my father. Now people say why doesn't He heal me now. I feel that if He had a purpose in the healing that I would be healed. And believe me, I have demanded, decreed, and claimed it many times. He has a purpose for my life that I do not understand completely, but I trust Him in His plan.

"For the Scripture says, "WHOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED." " ~Romans 10:11 (New American Standard Bible, ©1995)

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