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Forgiveness - Prayer by Tricia A Furness

Forgiveness - Prayer 
by Tricia A Furness

Father, today I come to You for forgiveness. Forgiveness because I couldn't forgive. You see, people hurt me, Lord, and I went for so long with this root of bitterness in my heart. I built up this wall around myself, so that even You couldn't reach me. I thought it was my only hope for survival; the only way to not be hurt again. For many years I lived like that. Even though it did keep me from being hurt, it also kept me from being loved; loved by You, my friends, my family, etc. I just lived in this space all by myself, as far as my heart was concerned. Then, Lord, something happened. I found someone to love again. I slowly took this wall down. When I broke down all the walls I had built, everything changed. With no wall to lean on, I was suddenly exposed and trying to stand up on my own. That's when You entered my life. I was able to breathe fresh air, and in that air was You. I pray, Lord, that I will forever have You in my life.

I pray that You will guide me in this new journey, and teach me to be like You. Teach me to love others again, to trust others again. I pray that Jesus, our Wonderful Counselor and Teacher, will show me the path that You would have me follow. Lead me by Your truth and teach me. I pray to the Holy Spirit, to come down over me, fill me to overflowing with Your love. Then Your love will overflow onto others while I learn to pour love out on others like You do. Be patient with me, Lord, while I learn how to see the least of these, and how to help them as you commanded.

I pray mostly that I will know how to love the new people in my life, how to be like You in everything I do, and how to recover and remember Your blessings when I am hurt or scared by my future. You are forever everything I will ever need to get through all life brings, and in this I place my new hope. In Your Name, I pray. Amen.

Tricia is an edifier for Ps139 group, writing for Psalm 139 with purpose and Equip His People pages on Facebook.
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