Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Note of Encouragement

Who Commands the Wind

by Sandy Anderson
Ps139 group

Lately I've had many times I've felt a leaf in the wind with no control. That's not me so I took it to God in prayer for I know better. I used those exact words..."Lord, I feel helpless like a leaf in the wind." He said, "You may not be in control but I always am. WHO COMMANDS THE WIND?" In that moment a sweet release of all worries was lifted. I had to say aloud, "You are! I'll just relax and flow with it and know you'll land me safely where ever you're taking me." I had a spirit filled moment in my kitchen with that single thought. When we lose control is when He takes control. There is a difference in losing control and simply letting it go freely. Remember who commands the wind and waves and don't fear them. He may be taking you to an amazing place you never even thought of going. Just a thought worth sharing.

© Sandy Anderson, Ps139 group

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