Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 914 of Giving Thanks by Tina Wetor

All of the dreams within my heart, I only share with a select few. Among my selected few is one of
the godliest women I have ever met, my mother. Although it’s a gift from the Spirit, her faith in God is
what I cherish the most. If it wasn’t for faith, we would have never met. Her sacrifice not only spared
my life; it cost her time with me. I can’t image the anguish within her spirit, even as a mother I can’t
fathom it. Yet, if it wasn’t for faith we would have never met. We have an unshakeable bond between us; our faith keeps us together.

Besides teaching me the Word, praying for me, my beach volleyball partner, her encouragement fueled my passion for God. When I would seek God in the endless hours of the night, she would never discourage me. As she would open my bedroom door, “Tina, I need you to pray quietly, I am going to bed.” So, I would try to be quiet to honor her request. As I continued to pray with all my heart, my voice would echo through the house. If I wrote a poem or a sermon, she was the first to read it. She never criticized my work; she praised all of my endeavors. She always made me feel, I would be the  next Kathryn Kuhlman.

As I have grown in my faith; it wasn’t without failures. What’s scary about a praying mother; God will reveal anything to her. Nothing will be hidden from a heart who truly seeks the Lord. Yet, besides my failures, God has spoken future plans about my life. When I was fourteen years old, my mother witnessed God’s call upon my life. It wasn’t just a remarkable moment; it’s been a journey of faith. When we walk by faith; we can’t see the finish line. When God places the vision inside one’s heart it can only be nurtured in prayer. As it’s nurtured in prayer; faith will complete God’s plan. Faith does not only believe what God said; it’s trains us to complete the run to the finish line. We keep the prize ahead  so we stay focused to hear, “Well, done thy good and faithful servant.”

When I was graduating college, I expected to be in full-time ministry. It hasn’t been easy to watch your classmates or friends follow the deepest desire of your heart. It’s been excruciating within my Spirit. As I have waited, prayed, and cried my mother has loving reminded me “God has a perfect time.”  Also, the tool to open the doors for ministry wasn’t my strength; it was a passion I discovered through my mother’s encouragement-writing.

One of the disadvantages of growing up in a small town is gossip. So, my mother’s occupation as a credit union teller can’t escape its fire. Yet, I am being praised at the city gates for my writing through my Facebook page and blog. She truly enjoys sharing those comments with me to keep me encouraged. Yet, she personally can’t read the blog because she doesn’t own a computer. Just recently my aunt purchased a computer, so she allowed my mother to read my blog. She was so touched with my words, she couldn’t stop crying. My aunt actually had to finish reading the blog for her. She was overwhelmed with joy of what God is doing. When she called me, I was again encouraged through her words.  “Daughter, do you realize you are preaching the Word? I am so proud of you.”

What child doesn’t want the praise of their parents? Sadly, it’s not received to most children who crave it or need it. Nevertheless, it caused me to reflect on an important truth about life. One day we will give an eternal account for what we did with our lives. If our sins are washed, we will not be judge for the sins. Yet, we will give account for every idle word, thought, and work. Our lives will reap an eternal reward before Christ; whether good or bad. Besides bring joyous tears to my mother, I long for Christ to be overjoyed with the talent I was given. As the evidence of my heart is revealed before Christ, may it bring honor to Him. "His master replied, 'Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!' I can never repay Christ for His sacrifice but I can honor Him with my life.

© 2012 Remains with the original author, Tina Wetor

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