Tuesday, July 31, 2012

~Evening Prayer~July 31, 2012

Father thank You. It is a simple thing to say, and such a hard thing to “get”. I pray daily that I truly get gratitude; that thankfulness is not just what I do, but how I live. In the many moments that go right in my days, let me remember You. In the many moments that go wrong in my days, let me remember You. In all the moments in my life, let me continue to be perfected and appreciate the process.

As I come to You this evening there are many things on my heart; all those who need You LORD, let them see Your presence, Your pull and Your draw in their life. As they arise, I pray for the urging to seek and know You, as well as the desire to understand that all You do and have done has been done for them. Let me remember mighty and God of perfection that I am under Your strength and can relay so much of Your grace through my own actions. Help me come to You for all things. Let me live in hope and experience all things in joy.

As the evening turns to night Abba, let me be comforted in the knowledge that You have always loved me, and love those who need You so much. I pray for those hurting and broken hearted tonight, that in their time of need, they can see the light that is shed for them, through Your son. As my heart settles and the lights go out for the evening, let me dwell in the light of Your promises. Be with me Lord Jesus and help me remember all those who need prayer, remember the cries that have come through me for lifting and petition. I pray for protection over my loved ones and those I have yet to know. Tonight as I sleep I count greatly on the Holy Spirit to lead my thoughts, to guide my subconscious to all things of You. In the precious name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

Shawn Delia Boreta

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