Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 504 of Giving Thanks

"On May 26th, 2010 - the very first post on the Wonderfully Made said "What a wonderful gift to give someone... a word of affirmation, edification or just a kind word. Who can you edify? Please feel free to leave your note here." That post came from a word - God saying, "you need encouragement my child, get it through encouraging others." And, so it began, and here we are." ~Wonderfully Made 

On that day, the Lord gave me this wonderful and beautiful gift of encouragement in this way. I had seen His encouragement through His word and so many of my friends (His children), and that evening, I walked out to my car, as I did every day after work. And, before me was broken glass and an open window, and my laptop had been taken. In the hours to follow - in the silence and errors of my will, God was there - He rescued me that night - stopped the normal responses in my heart and shared with me a different way to respond to heartbreak - now you say, it's only a computer. Well, let's just say that computer was the last of many and the first of the worst yet to come in the months to follow. That day, His gift, showed me that no matter what happens in my life, His strength is always there. His tenderness is ever present. His mighty power is at my beckon call. His grace, mercy and favor are all I will ever need.

In these many days of change and transformation, I am grateful for the things that are not things at all – it is the moments with God, when no one else is around. It is the state of mind that I can change in an instant because I control that. It is His amazing story that weaves amazingly throughout my life. It is the memories that can be renewed with His healing and insights that show the light of my circumstances. It is the people who share this life, and show His love greatly. Not things at all, but His gifts.

I have discovered my prayer language during this time. He has revealed in my life miracles that before were unnoticed before. He has restored my heart, encouraged my senses and given me reasons to boldly walk in His word. Words are my passion and His word is my springboard. Sometimes when I sit quietly and pray, I write (type) and when I go back to read, I understand the power of the Holy Spirit greatly. For the words on paper (screen), jump out at me and embed deeply. I am His tool. Lord let me be used over and over and greatly.

As I sit here now, even with the noise around me, I can hear His silence; I am breathing in His majesty. How easy this has become.

Even in the days of challenges, illness, heartache, loss, despair, uncertainty and pain, I have learned to keep Him close. My friends, let Him bring you to the place, where He matters; He will remind you that your heart matters immensely. He desires to sit with you and hold your hands, wipe your tears, take your burdens and lift your spirit.

Let Him in, and the light will be seen from all corners of the earth. With every breath, there is exaltation to be proclaimed of this mighty presence.

Hope in Circumstances - May 26th, Day 199 of Giving Thanks “But this is not a sad story. It is a story of gracious people - those who help someone in distress and need. The neighboring businesses, J&B Electric and Drakes Brewery's owners were still at work and came to my rescue. I was shaken, but clear headed – we contacted the police, and while we waiting, we reviewed video cameras and before our eyes we saw the crime. Now it is in the hands of the police and God.”
May 27th, Day 200 of Giving Thanks
May 28th, Day 201 of Giving Thanks

Restoration - July 1st, Day 235 of Giving Thanks “What an image. TODAY, I see myself wrapped in the covering of the Lord. His protection, my projection of security, is staying close to God. So close that I cannot tell where He begins and I end. An amazing love story that has been told, since the beginning of time, but very few can live it out. My prayer is that I can continue to fall deeply and deeper in love with my Lord. I am grateful that He found me. I am grateful to know His protection is in place and that I am securely wrapped in His strength and power – and there is nothing that I need to do to keep that in place. I pray, that I continue to be amazed, and in awe of “the thought of Him”.”

Devastation - July 2, Day 236 of Giving Thanks
July 5th, Day 238 of Giving Thanks “I cannot put words together to describe the storm I am in the middle of right now, for it is more than I can take, but one that I can endure because I have help. God is always with me, I have the word that I can go to at any time and I have some mighty people of God praying for me and lifting me up.”

Shawn Delia Boreta

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