Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 526 of Giving Thanks - by Sue King

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

My son is home for Easter and I am rejoicing. He is tall, blue eyed and a joy to be around. He has a deep unwavering love for God and  he radiates calm and peace wherever he goes. He has a keen sense of humour and is a social being. And I see ‘the son’ in my son. His quiet manner, love of children, passion for life and ‘can do’ outlook make me reflect on what Jesus must have been to His disciples- a breath of LIFE.

During our Good Friday Service we performed a play called “At the Cross” by Jasper Raines. It was a reflective piece where different people who had been present at the death of Jesus gave an account. I was Mary, Mother of Jesus……

“These people are out of control. How could this have happened?

Just last Sunday they were lining the streets, calling out "Hosanna"! Now this.

In just five days their cries were no longer “save us oh king” but “crucify him!” How could they change their minds in such a short amount of time?

I can’t believe he is gone. Even as I stood looking up at him I couldn’t believe it was happening. My son. Hanging there like a thief or a murderer. My son. He is the most loving, giving person I have ever known. What could it all mean? Could I have been mistaken? Maybe one day we will understand why.” (Jasper Raines)

As I stood and read these lines I reflected on my own son. The emotions of the mother searching for understanding and the Father surrendering His son for execution…. and I wept. I cannot contemplate the pain. Cannot even begin to understand the depth of the pain and despair.

So as I look at my own son, I am filled with gratitude that I don’t have to make that choice, don’t have to live with that burden. That Jesus has gone before us and that it is done. Forever.

Thank you Jesus. Thank you Father.

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