Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 627 of Giving Thanks

I had a near death experience this morning. But, I guarantee that it is NOT what you think. 

It has been another one of those weeks, where prayer was my priority, and it was a great reminder that it should always be a priority in each day. Mountains were moved with my thoughts this week; and there are no sore muscles, no aches and pains and no tired feet, however I was rejuvenated many times during, what would have been stressful moments, if I hadn’t asked for assistance.

I am not saying that I didn’t “throw my hands up”, I did, but I remembered that “raising my hands in praise” would be much more useful and productive. I am not saying that I didn’t “whine under my breath” a few times, but those whines turned to “songs of strength” that lifted my spirit. I am not saying that I didn’t “clench my teeth” a few times, but I remembered that I will never know what “gnashing of teeth” in eternal darkness will be like, and right there was enough to keep me moving in the right direction.

During these times of “raising my hands in praise” or singing my “songs of strength” and be grateful for an eternity of light, I knew His presence!

In a moment of hurried work, I had to stop and ponder what He had for me at that very second, and this is what came through.
In the silence, I wait.
In the silence, I seek.
In the silence, I rejoice.
In the silence, I thank.
In the silence, I learn.
I am calmed, collected and captured.

As a storm whipped through our workweek, with media, lawyers, questions, and reminders of the world we live in, as well as much uncertainty, I was greatly reminded that the battle is already won, and we are just here to watch God work.

“Then Jahaziel said: Your Majesty and everyone from Judah and Jerusalem, the LORD says that you don't need to be afraid or let this powerful army discourage you. God will fight on your side!” ~2 Chronicles 20:15 (Contemporary English Version)

The battle is all around us, yet the battle is one of a Spiritual realm, not mine, not yours, but God’s... These are the times we live in my friends, and they can be discouraging, daunting and even overwhelming. And, in the middle whatever your frenzie is and dealing with those who do not know God around us, we are given an amazing opportunity to show God... over and over.

Through free will, we are able to glorify God, through an immense love for our God, we are able to show others that we are grateful for His love in our lives. Not everyone will understand that love, or even want to try, but we will keep giving a shout to the world, that He is our King.

Replace what hurts your heart with what fills your heart... Let go of the world, and grab onto God.

I love His word... I love His encouragement through His word. I love my awesome and wonderful God who loved me first.

As the piles of work seemed to grow instead of get smaller, I went to the Lord yet again – because I can do all things through Christ, as He gives me strength to keep going (Philippians 4:13)

When you say, "I can't do this". God says, "Great, let's get started."

When I had to work late yesterday, and I began to grumble under my breath, the phone rang, and I had the most amazing phone call, one that proved that God really does work on us daily, and wants us to become more like Christ.

I had all these plans today, get stuff done at home, have my mentoring phone call and head into work late, just to give myself a little break.

Late last night, all my plans changed, our cat, Indy (Chris’ cat) has been sick for a couple of weeks – several visits back and forth to the vet, and still no change. After very little sleep, I knew that my morning would consist of heading to the vet. I heard the course breathing that we had been hearing for over a week then set out to cancel my call, got a few minutes in the word, got showered, dressed and ready. All the while popping in and listening to the labored breathing and once even getting her from under the bed (which she never does)... as I gathered the cat carrier and went to “gather” Indy. As I reached down to pick her up, I noticed she was very still, and I could no longer hear her breathing. I grabbed her, and in my hands was a lifeless body – for about 3 or 4 seconds, then she shook and awoke… May I just say, PRAISE AND GLORY TO GOD.

Thank You Lord, it WILL be a great weekend, full or resting in You and a continuation of coming to You.

© 2011 Giving Thanks Daily, Shawn Boreta

Shawn Delia Boreta

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