Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 857 of Giving Thanks by Tina Wetor

When the pressures of life mount against us, we have two options: either let it mount or let it go.  Usually we allow the pressures to mount, so we unfortately start getting a sour attitude towards family, friends, or co-workers.  Although we have give all of our best efforts, we still fall short.

As I went to church this morning, my heart was filled with mounted issues with life.  All of the household chores, financial concerns, family,  and issues at work started overwhelming me.  With all of my best effort, I was starting to come un-glued.  My patience was very thin, guilt was whispering doubt about who I was, and my strength was gone until God arrived.

God inhabits the praise of His people, He enjoys dwelling with them.  As the worship service began, I could feel the Lord's presence.  As my heart was being pulled to enter, the tears trickled down upon my face.  All I could do was cry before Him and adore Him.  As I worshipped the Lord, I could feel the pressures slowly lifting from my heart.

In His presence is fullness of joy, so why do we always cut it short?  Anyway, as my heart was being lifted, I couldn't help but notice a sweet wind surrounding me.  As I worshipped Him, I felt so free.  Although my heart was broken, my spirit melted into His hands.  Rest will not come until there is complete surrender.  The weight will hold you until you lay it down at the feet of Jesus.

Worship wasn't made for us to "feel good" it' s purpose is to center our lives on what matters-God.  As our hearts are center on Him, He will keep us.  God will keep us in perfect peace who's mind is on Him.  Peace isn't found in anyone else but Christ, He is the Prince of Peace.

When the presence of God truly comes, our lives will be re-arranged.  Sadly, we don't keep an attitude of worship daily within our lives, so we become overwhelmed.  If life is getting the best of you, get the best of it by worshipping God.  He is greater.  Nothing can defeat Him.

As the perfume filled the room, she caught the attention of all.  She offered the most precious gift, an expensive perfume poured out on His feet.  Although others rebuked her worship, Jesus accepted it.  Although her life was overwhelmed with care, her tears flowed upon His feet.  She tries to wipe the tears with her hair but it's useless.  Her heart is overwhelmed, so she worships Him.  It's interesting, the Bible says, "She will always be remembered for her gift."  (Luke 7:36-39; Matthew 26:7-13)

Worship isn't about us, it's about Christ.  As we pour ourselves upon His feet, He sees our need.  Although the tears mount, we patiently listens with tenderness.  He doesn't rush us, He allows us to be emptied so He can pour Himself back into us.  He is our strength.  So, go to Jesus.  Pour out your heart, He is waiting for your worship.  Even if it comes with brokeness and tears, He will receive it.

© 2012 Giving Thanks Daily, Tina Wetor

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