Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 811 of Giving Thanks

Today I thought of my mom. And in December, I wrote about her and this amazing memory is still so fresh and resides deeply within my heart and mind.

In the Moments
As I remember my childhood holidays, I can smile as I settle into the moments. There are the smells that seem to fill the air even now, as I reflect on what those moments were like.

My mom gave me the best job ever in the kitchen. It was my job to taste everything, at least twice: All that was ready to go into the oven, as well as everything that, “finally” came out of the oven. I would have to say, the familiar smells truly make the holidays real to me.

When I smell cinnamon or nutmeg, I am reminded of our holiday table, of many tables pushed together with miss-matched chairs, a colorful variety of tablecloths and meticulously placed china and real silverware from my Grandmother, which was from her grandmother. My heart is touched in the moment of that memory of familiar.

Just as the smells remind me of my childhood home during the holidays, the written word reminds me of the home I have waiting for me. In 2009, during the Thanksgiving season, I accepted a challenge to “give thanks” daily – and that was the greatest gift ever – a heart of gratitude in all my circumstances. In the moments, He is familiar.

The holidays have changed tremendously over the years. We have gone from hodgepodge to posh, from TV trays to simply a day for family and reflection regardless of the setting. One thing’s for sure, the holidays, in particular Christmas, has an entirely new meaning than it once did – and the words that are now associated with the meaning of Christmas are simply, “What He did for me”. There is truly nothing more profound than being part of God’s family as we celebrate with our earthly family, and in the moments, it is good.

His words for me through the years have been simple, yet the hardest for me to believe for myself. I have to remember that the familiar smells of childhood, were repeated into memory year after year, and eventually became part of me. And, with His words, “Be encouraged”, “I am wonderfully made”, “His child”, “daughter of the King”, to name a few have been repeated over and over, and are now a part of me, familiar.

Today, I am encouraged every day, regardless of my circumstances, to know that He has already healed whatever this world delivers, because He was delivered for me. Today I stand firmly and know my Father in heaven has given me the “best job ever” in His Kingdom - to encourage others. Even though I stand here now with my hodge-podge background and miss-matched memories, I know this for sure, when I arrive at the celebration table in heaven, it will be greater than anything I can imagine and it will be familiar, just like the smells of my childhood home and the 100 year old china that belonged to my grandmother. In that moment, all will be perfect in its familiarity.
~Character Magazine, Shawn Boreta

Another story about my mom: "However, tonight was very different. In those deep brown eyes, I saw her from adult eyes for the first time. Where a lifetime of storms, loss and pain was recognized, eyes that lovingly, for my lifetime, console and comfort me. My adult eyes see her woman to woman, as another woman who has also lived through storms, loss and pain in her lifetime." Day 449 of Giving Thanks Daily:

Article originally printed in Character Magazine winter issue:
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We are Wonderfully Made (, living to encourage and Equip His People ( and completely committed to believing greatly Psalm 139 with purpose (

Shawn Delia Boreta

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