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Happy Anniversary, Thank You God! (testimony series) by Al Sinclair

Happy Anniversary, Thank You God!
by Al Sinclair

As a child I attended different Sunday Schools and learned the story of Jesus.

For many years I struggled without a personal experience that would allow me to accept Jesus. Seems very peculiar now as I look back and can say there were many things and signs he was trying to give me over the years, only I was not recognizing them. My wife of 20 years, Karen, was saved approximately 6 years ago. There were changes within Karen that were immediate and changes that have taken time, but all the changes have had a positive impact on my family and anyone Karen comes in contact with. The changes that are most significant can only be explained by her acceptance of the Lord and learning of his Word to apply it within our life. She has been very patient with me, allowing me to see the work he has done within her and her patiently praying and waiting for my acceptance. It was at a recent marriage seminar, hosted by Lakeside Baptist Church, that it became very evident that Jesus has a plan and story that needs to be told through me.

What gift does your wife of 20 years really need, more flowers?, jewelry? Candle lit dinner? Well Karen asked for none of that just that I attend the marriage seminar with her. At first thought I was thinking, what’s wrong with our marriage, we’ve made it 20 years, never had a serious argument, 3 great children, financial stability, supportive family and friends, thought I had everything I needed; boy was I wrong. It was the first evening at the seminar that I quickly realized from a very powerful spiritual speaker that I have been walking all this time with my eyes and heart closed. The message I heard was not about what’s wrong with what we were doing or judgmental but marriage is to be spiritual oneness with each other and putting the image of Jesus within yourself for your spouse and others to see. It was at that time I realized He was real, his story is real, and He definitely lives within my wife Karen, my 3 sons and soon me. It was time I stepped forward and accepted him as my Savior--the perfect anniversary gift for 20 years of marriage.

Ah but the action of stepping forward and accepting Jesus at my age (46) was very difficult, very emotional, and very humbling. I was fortunate to have Karen and so many friends present to offer support and comforting through such a joyous occasion, for that I thank them with all my heart.

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