Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 212 of Giving Thanks

I can find solace in His presence and in knowing that He is at work. That my worry should be given to Him and my pain washed away with His promises. The world will seduce you to believe its standards, and lull you to sleep in what God wants for your life. The enemy is tactful, decisive and focused. I think back to years ago, when I was the farthest from God in attitude and action, and really it was only a feeling, for He is always right where He has always been –near me, above me and surrounding me; and until I knew Him, He waited. Now he is in me, near me, above and surrounds me. I am grateful that I hear Him say, “Don't you know that you were made for my enjoyment, and you are purified with the blood I shed? I am jealous, I want You for myself, leave the world behind. The world has NOTHING for you.”

And in the times of heartbreak or pain, I know His presence; He reminds me that He loves me, He cares for me, that His is the ultimate love affair– one that no man on earth can replace; and when my husband sees that love in me and confidence I have because of the security – how could he ever refuse me. This is a lesson I pray that our young girls will know. That when they love their heavenly Father and obey His desires for us; And, adore our King, as he loves his bride – then the man they choose will see this glorious relationship and love her more for it. Lord, I am grateful for knowing Your truth. I am grateful that I seek to please You. And, as I know You more, I know there is so much more to know.

Lord, I cannot be as graceful as I should. Help me to look at things in new ways and shine the light appropriately on my sin. Help me to see where I fall, and how to change me.

Shawn Delia Boreta

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