Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 221 of Giving Thanks

There is a lot of attention on hoarding; there are even reality television shows that illustrate people whose lives have been taken over by clutter. “Getting rid of the clutter” is a very good idea, I am sure we would all agree. Yes, I am a pack rat, I hate clutter, but I tend to do it anyway.

As I enter into a phase of my life that two years ago was incomprehensible, I know that I need to remove from my life all that is worldly and not glorifying to God; exfoliate comes to mind. I need to remove the dead, and lighten the load! He has come in, and although I was made new, my shell is the old me; one that hands on, disobeys, is fearful, is sinful and I sin.

Lord, thank you that I am visual - that as the words are spoken, Your picture for me is revealed – my body houses the Lord. This morning as a few of us were talking about someone’s move, and what a chore that is, especially as a fellow ‘collector’, Val said “Have you ever thought about how many times we come into our house with full bags of stuff, and how much goes out?”

I pictured my body, and all the stuff that has gone in, comes in and will come in. And atop this balloon is my little head. Horrifying, isn’t it? I am grateful for this snapshot – and realize that I must clean the Lord’s house. His work will only be done when I join Him for eternity in Heaven, but I am grateful that God values me enough to continue the work in this imperfect, overstuffed house.


Shawn Delia Boreta

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