Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 220 of Giving Thanks

I had my quiet time completed, and a writing already prepared for this morning’s post – a moment of accomplishment. Unlocking the door, turning the lights on, I thought “awesome, quiet again”. A couple days a week I am the only one here in the office – solitude. This morning my mood is good, attitude up and ready or not world here I am! I am armed with everything I need to take on the world.


We all have had that feeling as though the carpet was pulled right out from under you, right? That you are hit right in the gut and it takes your breath away? That’s how fast my outlook can change. From God-working to Shawn-doubting can happen so quickly. I share this, because my message today is about attitude, and knowing that with God, how can I fail?


Well as easily as these feelings occur, the opposite is very possible. “Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’" ~ Matthew 19:26

He has given me the tools to change how I think, to see what is around me, and in the moments when I doubt myself, I firmly say S T O P!!!  I heard Joyce Meyer say this morning, “with the right attitude, you can turn anything in to a good time”. And really that is what He wants for me – to enjoy life and share that joy to others.

You never know when you will be entertaining Angels. Doing good and being a blessing - Is that what I do? What an encouraging thought really, that God checks in with us, wants to know where we are – my attitude is important to Him and thinking of and doing for others is crucial to my growth.

To my amazement (not God’s), the resources I have found or those who found me, have been completely used by God. I have said this before that I am grateful that God finds me where I am; in the times when I am seeking His voice, His comfort, His confirmation, His validation or His word for me – that I see them in the pages of in front of me.

There is also the promise that he will command his angels concerning (me) to guard (me) in all (my) ways; ~ Psalm 91:11

How can I ever think I am ordinary when I have Jesus with me EVERY moment of EVERY day? I am a child of God, how could I ever doubt that God is at work in my life, and when He is, there is. “The greatest honor we can do God is to be happy no matter where we’re at, trusting His timing in our life and His ways” Joyce continued in her talk. I am grateful that my position is ordained, and I must move forward with a great attitude as I continue to prepare.


Lord, today I come to you - You know my desires, You have heard my dreams so many times; yet it still seems so far way.  I trust that as I am tested, that You will send Your Angels when I am in need. And, that as I continue to prepare, I know that I may be entertaining Angels as well. Thank You that everyday can go from ordinary to extraordinary because You are with me in EVERY thing I do.

Shawn Delia Boreta

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