Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 226 of Giving Thanks

I seem to be dusting off my sandals a lot lately; and moving on to the next town. I am trusting that this is part of the journey, and as I read through Acts 17 and 18 today, and I can see that when good information is being shared that only the ones ready for change or ready for enlightenment will take advantage of the opportunity. Meaning I cannot convince the unready. And, in the process of going from city to city, town to town and family to family, as it is in my business – I am assured that the numbers are the numbers.  It was after hearing the numbers the other day that it truly started to sync in. I pray that I can become more discerning as I live my life. That I can accept what cannot be changed, and embrace what can. I pray that I can omit what society does as a whole; making decisions based on the masses, rather than fact or my own research – and follow God’s lead.

I believe that our muscle memory for decision making has been weakened – and we become tired and weary when we depend on our own power and we get opinions from those not on the same page, those who allow despair to lead their paths and the past to dictate their future.  I am grateful that these things are starting to be recognizable patterns in me; that before I get “too out of hand”, I can modify the path or behavior.

Lord, this world is such a distraction and menace to Your work, but in this world Your work must be done. Thank You for reminding me that You are in charge and in control – that when I submit to Your instruction, guidance and I am obedient, I will see Your blessings. Thank You for helping me to be joyful, even when and especially when it “feels” messy and uncomfortable.

reference: Matthew 10

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