Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 231 of Giving Thanks

What an amazing learning experience this has been this weekend. We are at the Tom Hopkins Boot Camp for our business, and I am quite amazed at how well we are all doing in our memorization; how well I am doing. Typically, I do not fair so well with the memorization portion of the training – I am more of a para-phraser. This morning, as we arrived at the convention center, we prayed for retention, open minds and that our day would be spent making sure that we got the most out of our time. We prepared our spirits and our minds by asking God for help. The day has been relaxed and confirmation has occurred a few times today that I truly am in the right place for me at this time of my life.

I am grateful for seeing how I have changed. I trust that God has things under control; and that with every passing day, every moment He gives me signals that I am on track – confirmation through phrases and others. This morning, Hector LaMarque said “Some people believe in God, but very few know Him” – and this area I feel strongly has been my most growth recently – KNOWING God; knowing how to relate “Shawn” to God has been such a hurdle. Later in the day, Tom Hopkins shared that “we must prepare ourselves through continuous growth; be over-prepared and become fanatical”, now he was talking about my business, but I can see where a preparation in my walk with the Lord, is the only way to live out the rest of my life effectively. And, at times I feel a little fanatical – praise God for this desire.

Lord, as I present my life to You, I feel the pull of where You want me; I know that my life is nothing without You involved, without giving You control. Father, I submit to Your taking the lead – where I falter, keep me accountable; when I am less than humble, reel me in. Thank You Lord for your grace in my life, for the learning I can now be part of and the capabilities I have because of trusting You. Help me Lord, to walk always in Your presence and in Your ways.

Shawn Delia Boreta

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