Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 234 of Giving Thanks

Restoration was the word search done this morning, and in the process of praying, contemplating and deciphering what God has for me today – I had to stop and start again. He forced me to face a few things that I have worked very hard to avoid.

My personal journey with God has shown me that it is truly is me doing what He set out for me to do – and regardless of my desire to have someone beside me in a certain quest, it is just not what He has laid out. And, for many years I have fought and argued with Him over this. And, in the process I have lost precious time and energy. But this past month has clearly defined my role in reaching my dream. And, I am good with that. Today, I embark on an area which is completely new for me. This new role lifts my dependence on others and forces me to lean completely on God. A freedom which I have never felt before, a victory is now visible for me in this journey. My journey brings me to people – and in that - my personal fight is to know everyone, so everyone can know Him. To shine my light where ever I go; make it so bright that it takes time for their eyes to adjust to the glory that surrounds me.

Isaiah 61 states, “The Year of the LORD's Favor”. And, today I am claiming this phrase. This is my year, Lord, grant me favor in reaching my dream. Keep me steady in Your word for me.

Father, I am humbled today by how graceful You truly are – and I am grateful for the wisdom that You decided to pour into me. I look to You more now than ever, and I am more free through dependence on You than ever before. In this time of ashes to restoration, I seek Your face, the peace that comes from knowing You and as others look into my eyes, they see a soul owned by You, and as I look onto the world, I pray my actions attract toward You.

Shawn Delia Boreta

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