Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 313 of Giving Thanks

Whatever the reason, I know that there are no unnecessary tears. My tears, which for years were few and far between, have purpose – they are part of a perfect process. A way for me to wash away all the feelings that are unwanted, the fears to be let go and the pain to release – a way to begin again.

The only way I can truly know and understand His grace and mercy is to have Him bring me through the unwanted feelings, fears and pain. With this awareness, it makes all my circumstances tolerable.

Yesterday I spent time reflecting on all the amazing ways that God is communicating with me and showing me He is right here -  and praising the peace in my heart, home and life. This morning on my way to work, in the quietness of my car, I was a bit overwhelmed and filled with the knowledge that God’s mercy is absolutely amazing.

I realize that there are emotions that I feel, that make absolutely no sense at all for that moment – it is a reaction from some time before. And, if I am having moments like that, I would conclude that it is a common occurrence for everyone. Lord, help me be graceful and mindful of this in all my responses to others.

This sheds tons of light on many circumstances I have been living through – and because I have the love and grace of a mighty God, I can respond lovingly every time, rather than react emotionally. I am grateful that I have experienced grace and mercy so perfect – and I am grateful that God loves me so perfectly. I pray for wisdom as I live through and love toward a heavenly eternity.

Shawn Delia Boreta

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