Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 416 of Giving Thanks

I am grateful for the dozens of pages that God has said “no” to in this process of growth and sharing. So, let me explain. When God first directed me to write what I am grateful and thankful for, I was quite resistant. I wrote, but, in the beginning, it was a stretch to come up with things to write about. And, I honestly thought, I would do that first thirty day stint and that was it.


Well, as you can see, God had a much different picture of what that stint would look like. There was a time, in the process that I began to truly fall-in-love with being grateful. Many things started to change. I started to see my life through positive glasses. My best friend told me there was a difference in my appearance – more relaxed, less anxious.  


I wanted to share today how I write for God. I wait until He tells me to write. Many times, when I am on a timeline, I try to short cut and pre-prepare, and every time, I hear “that’s not it, erase and start over….” I used to say, “Really God?” And at times I would argue, “but this is good stuff, insightful and very well written…”


And, over and over, I hear “that’s not it, erase and start over….” Hence the dozens of pages that have been written yet never saved or seen by anyone, but God.  I am grateful that He has my best interest at heart, but moreover, I am grateful that my writing has always given me what I needed for that day or that moment. I am encouraged that, not only is God ministering to me, but in giving Him my stories, my obstacles, my pain, my challenges, my victories and my heart’s desires, He uses my words to minister to others.


What does that tell me?






I always have my heavenly Father with me, and He also gives me the gift of fellowship and friendship to share so many parts of my life. 

Shawn Delia Boreta

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