Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 429 of Giving Thanks - Sue King

Hi God, It’s me…….

What a privilege, an honour to have the One who created the universe to desire us. US. He wants to have an ongoing personal, close relationship but He won’t force the issue. He owns us, made us. He could command that we come to Him- shackle us, bring us to our knees. He could wipe us from the face of the earth completely- eradicate humanity totally. The power is His to annihilate us if He so desired. But that is not His desire. Instead, He yearns for us. Implores us to seek Him, know Him and fully come to Him.

“Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one.”” ~Luke 10:41

He wants our presence. Not as a half-hearted conversation; a token offering. Not the kind of conversation you have with your neighbour down the road when you happen to think of him. Not the quick phone call returning the phone call of the person who’s left a few dozen messages on your answering machine. Not the quick prayer on your way to work or the ten minutes of worship on Sundays. That betrays the richness of what He offers and desires. He has opened communication by ALL methods- the channel is open on all frequencies. There is not a heartbeat when He is not fully available to us. Not a communication method that is not being utilized by Him to woo us. He’s left messages on our answering machine, presents everywhere we look and taste and feel. He’s spoken words to others and asked them to pass them to you. Used events and situations to guide you. He’s written messages down on jotters, letters, in books, emails and songs. He’s even written a whole book to communicate to us through.

He waits. Waits for you to respond to Him in a genuine way. He IS patience. He IS love. Think of a time when you desperately waited for something. I’m thinking of my boyfriend (now my husband) coming to pick me up from university on the weekends. I would have my bag packed, waiting on the veranda. Eyes strained from peering down the road for a glimpse of his car; ears straining for the sound of that car, or the phone to say he’d be late. I remember the profound disappointment on a couple of occasions when I waited in vain.

I believe God also feels that disappointment. He waits for us- and we don’t come. He wants to share with us, guide us, teach us. He waits. Is He waiting for you? Are you a believer with a busy life who can’t seem to find time to talk with Him? Are you relating on a shallow level not building a deep relationship? Have you not introduced yourself yet?

It’s time-
Hi God,
It’s me…

Hi God, by Sue King

Shawn Delia Boreta

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