Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 671 of Giving Thanks

If you feel like a blind man or Paul, that Jesus removed the scales from your eyes too, but you neglect to open your eyes, you will not see all the glory of a mighty God's work in your life. And, you will not realize the blessings laid before you and you will miss the miracles that he so lovingly performs for you. Yes, I was blind but now I see; LORD keep me seeing that which is to be seen and explored.

“Then the eyes of those who see will no longer be closed, and the ears of those who hear will listen." ~Isaiah 32:3 (New International Version)  
“Ananias went to the house. He placed his hands on Saul and said, “Brother Saul, the Lord sent me—Jesus, who appeared to you on the way as you were coming here. He sent me so that you could see again and be filled with the Holy Spirit.”  Instantly, flakes fell from Saul’s eyes and he could see again. He got up and was baptized.  After eating, he regained his strength.” Acts 9:17-19 (Common English Bible)

Every day I have an opportunity to explore God’s word and all the while, I am exploring my heart. At times, it really feels like unexplored territory, uncharted and untamable. I really see how our hearts can deceive us. I think about my heart as a delivery mechanism to the brain, my thoughts. My heart says… but I don’t want to listen to my heart. And, it is with an injured heart we try to see things. It’s like that sprained or twisted ankle we have all encountered – we put pressure on it and it can’t hold the weight, so we adjust, walk with a limp. But my heart is NO LONGER injured, so why do I use it that way? I am restored, renewed – actually I am made new. I am new, inside and out, yet I still live in this broken down, limping body with incorrect thoughts, but what is so awesome is that I recognize this now.

“Yet to this day the LORD has not given you a heart to know, nor eyes to see, nor ears to hear.” ~Deuteronomy 29:4 (New American Standard Bible)

I understand that I am a new being because of Christ, and I depend on His thoughts to pour into me with the power of the Holy Spirit.

“The LORD opens the eyes of the blind. The LORD lifts up those who are weighed down. The LORD loves the godly.” ~Psalm 148:8 (New Living Translation) 
“When that day comes, the deaf will be able to hear a book being read aloud, and the blind, who have been living in darkness, will open their eyes and see. Poor and humble people will once again find the happiness which the Lord, the holy God of Israel, gives. It will be the end of those who oppress others and show contempt for God. Every sinner will be destroyed.” ~Isaiah 29:18-20 (Good News Translation)

This reference of sight after blindness is used so often in God’s word. There is relevance to the reference. I need to recognize this is why it behooves me to be aware that even though I am “in the word” daily and I hold God highly in my life, that I might close my eyes at the wrong times. During moments when God is shining attention on something for me to see, I could blink or even close them to rest for just that moment. “It is far better to have the eyes opened than to be placed in the midst of the noblest prospects and remain blind to their beauty.” – Charles Spurgeon

“What is so beautiful about this is that God provides the answers to our Whys. He teaches us that our treasure is in our hearts....It's those feelings that feed our minds and thoughts.... like the scales on the blind man, sometimes the past can stick to the sides of our treasure chest, hiding from plain sight.” ~Darci Escandon 

“Answer me now, Lord! I have lost all hope. Don't hide yourself from me, or I will be among those who go down to the world of the dead. Remind me each morning of your constant love, I put my trust in you. My prayers go up to you; show me the way I should go. I go to you for protection, Lord; rescue me from my enemies. are my God; teach me to do your will. Be good to me, and guide me on a safe path. Help me LORD to always see, to keep my eyes on You, open and aware.” ~Psalm 143:7-10 (Good News Translation) 

Lord Jesus, thank You for Your work in me, for giving me eyes that see, and I pray that I can see through Your eyes. Help me to step firmly on solid ground, in the strength that You provide – daily, LORD, I ask that You help me through the power of the Holy Spirit and In Jesus’ name, confidently I pray. Amen.

Other References:  Psalm 119:18, Isaiah 29:18, Isaiah 32:3, Isaiah 35:5, Jeremiah 5:21, Ezekiel 12:2, Proverbs 20:12

© 2011 Giving Thanks Daily, Shawn Boreta

Shawn Delia Boreta

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