Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 688 of Giving Thanks - Tina Wetor

Growth doesn’t come without healthy nourishment, so why do we desire unhealthy people in our spiritual lives?  Do we seek godly change or desire to wallow in ourselves or weakness?  If we stumble, do we accept to be held accountable?  Discipleship isn’t a new concept, yet it’s an important teaching neglected by the church.  We are called to make “disciples” in this world to train people for godly success in their walk with Christ.
Regardless of whom you study in Scripture, either someone invested in one’s life or they followed the life of another: Elijah taught Elisha, Moses taught Joshua, Paul taught Timothy, Paul was trained by Priscilla and Aquila; Jesus followed Our Father who taught the twelve disciples.  In other words, we are not called to be “Lone Rangers”, we are to teach, rebuke, train, and invest in others.  If you have a healthy church or fellowship with Christians who challenge your walk with Christ, you are blessed.
As a new Christian, I carefully observed who had a strong relationship with God, so I could learn from them.  My mother and Aunt Elaine nourished my walk with their lives, prayers, and counsel.  Through many questions, studies, and Bible verses these precious women poured their heart into me.  Still they are my hero’s for their strong faith in God, unshakeable faith, and dedicated prayer life.  Besides my family, I had various members of the church who I could trust with confidence.  Still as a Reverend, I am accountable to officials over me.  It’s an important investment of my soul, I am truly thankful for.  Also, I have a few beautiful friends who God has blessed me with and keep me on my toes: Shawn Boreta, Sue King, Julie Gorman, and Pastor David Arnold and his wife Linda.
Maybe it’s time to evaluate who’s pouring into our lives?  If the relationship isn’t healthy nourishment, we need to remove it before it causes weeds to develop.  If you hang out with a gossip, you will become a gossip.  Do the people around you complain?  Listen carefully to the words you speak, it could be damaging.
As Jesus was accountable to the Father for His ministry, we are accountable too.  It’s an eternal investment, one we need to take more seriously.  Jesus said, “Anyone who breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be call great in the kingdom of heaven." ~Matthew 5:19
Being a disciple is more than praying a sinner’s prayer, it’s following the complete teaching of Christ, the Living Word.  Christ “chose” us to be a disciple, it’s a sobering thought I have tonight.  Yet, I am so honored to share Him, to know Him personally, and called to follow.  It’s one of the most beautiful mysteries of walking with Christ.  May we never take for granted the love of our Savior or the investment He gave us, we are His disciples.  We really never stop learning, growing, or being shaped into the vessel He wants unless we are unwilling.  May everything we do bring honor to Christ, Our Teacher.  My desire is to be a disciple who followed my Master with a heart of pure dedication.  If Christ paid it all to make me a disciple, may I do all to honor Him.  A relationship with Christ starts with grace but it ends with honor, we will lay down a crown.
Throughout my life, I have made many mistakes but one decision I have never regretted: Being a disciple of Christ.  Everyday is a journey to keep going heavenward, being transformed, and learning.  Yet, it all started because He chose me. (John 15:16)  May this statement get into your heart, "He chose you."

 Oswald Chambers said, “Our Lord’s making of a disciple is supernatural.  He does not build on any natural capacity of ours at all.  God does not ask us to the things that are naturally easy for us-He only asks us to the things that we are perfectly fit to do through His grace, and that is where the cross we must bear will always come.”

© 2011 Giving Thanks Daily, Tina Wetor              

Shawn Delia Boreta

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