Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 690 Giving Thanks

September 27th, Day 690 of Giving Thanks Daily

I am grateful for my life today. Tonight as I write, I can remember, distinctly the steps that I have taken to get me here.  It seems that it has been a million baby steps, amongst a few giant steps, but nonetheless, I have advanced on this journey and I am thankful for every single step.

“A person’s steps are made secure by the LORD when they delight in his way. Though they trip up, they won’t be thrown down, because the LORD holds their hand.” ~Psalm 37:23-24 (Common English Bible)

One step was to believe that I needed Him. The next was that He loves me. And, yet another was that everything He did, He did for me. Many steps were believing I can trust Him for all my needs and tonight as I believe in what is to come I am grateful for the steps of belief more than many of the others. For without believing, I would still be lost.

“But when the Father sends the Advocate as my representative—that is, the Holy Spirit—he will teach you everything and will remind you of everything I have told you.” ~John 14:26 (New Living Translation)

Now, it’s your turn to believe. 
Go to Him for all your needs.
Trust Him for all your needs.
Believe. Pray. Trust.

One step is learning to stand firm, when you want to keep moving, or when others are pushing you to move. I am grateful that  standing firm can be that when knees are weak, probably is a good sign to get to my knees to pray.

Several steps lead to showing me that to be happy, is to know that we have a God who desires to see us experience joy. We have joy when we have hope. There is hope because we have an eternity with a mighty and merciful God.

“We make our own plans,  but the LORD decides where we will go.” ~Proverbs 16:9 (Contemporary English Version)

Thank You LORD, Thank You Jesus and thank You for giving me the perfect delivery of my prayers to You through the Holy Spirit. This morning as I awoke, my first thoughts came running to Your presence and right into Your (always) open arms. Thank You for giving me that comfort, so much tenderness in Your words and refuge from the trials of this world, if even for a few moments. Thank You for the amazing hope of heaven and the grace that You have abundantly given. So, again I say, thank You God.

Lord, keep working on me, and shining brightly where I need to see, remind me often of who You are, what You are to me, and what You have done.

“He Took on the Status of a Slave
If you've gotten anything at all out of following Christ, if his love has made any difference in your life, if being in a community of the Spirit means anything to you, if you have a heart, if you care— then do me a favor: Agree with each other, love each other, be deep-spirited friends. Don't push your way to the front; don't sweet-talk your way to the top. Put yourself aside, and help others get ahead. Don't be obsessed with getting your own advantage. Forget yourselves long enough to lend a helping hand.” ~Philippians 2:1 (The Message)

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Shawn Delia Boreta

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